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  1. Muggy damp drizzly weather. The moss and green slime will make an appearance soon.
  2. Thunder for the first time this year.
  3. Very Heavy rain is knocking on the door with the odd rumble to boot. Blue sky to my East
  4. The showers seem to have a random path. The shower over Manchester is backing our direction again.
  5. If you need guests to help finish it, we're here.
  6. Chucking down in Manchester. That' what not to like
  7. The tops of Storms over Lancaster can be seen from my front window. There' a hill in the way with Carbrook on the otherside. Must be 70 miles away.
  8. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tündér
  9. In Stamford Park, Stalybridge.

    Cracking the flags and packed

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    2. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      Meeting my parents and letting the youngest two sons burn some energy off.

    3. karyo
    4. Had Worse

      Had Worse

      Just crawled out from under the Galaxy..

      She's getting a lot of TLC whilst the weathers dry.

      15 years old in October.

      Made Oct 2003, registered May 2004.

      Shes had a bit of welding this year, the first. I'm undersealing the car. Big job as its full of hard to reach places.

  10. I was almost tempted to stand under it. The car was reading 26°C at the time.
  11. Just seen video on Facebook and Lees Road in Oldham is seriously flooded.
  12. It' very wet about half a mile towards Glossop, in act it' flooding.
  13. Wigan looks consumed by some torrential rain from what I see on the radar
  14. Very active to my N, S & W but I'm in the no storms or rain club for the moment