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  1. Dry, milky sunshine at the Lowry Theatre, Salford Quays
  2. One wonders if mother nature has got her season sequence in a muddle. Spring ends up cooler or summer wetter and stormy.
  3. What new road, the one near Hazel Grove. that links to the airport?
  4. You'll probably pass my neck of the woods unless your heading via Disley/ New Mills. Suppose you could go to Edale on the train as they are actually6not on strike this Saturday. God, you might go on one of those nodding donkey pacer trains.
  5. Have you met Karyo. I know you did on the plane a few weeks ago.
  6. Oldham has an Alexandra park aswell. I forgot about the one in Manchester
  7. Found the cold, this looks promising for ice days.
  8. No images of said device or rabbit will be posted.
  9. It's dark, the moon and stars are out so that means it's clear and we might have a frost tomorrow.