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  1. Live Cam Pantelleria - Mursia Beach WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Pantelleria, view of the northwestern coast of the island, the closest to Africa If we cant have snow...
  2. Greece is having plenty of lightning activity Live video from Zantecam-2 camera ZANTECAM-2.CLICK2STREAM.COM Bitte haben Sie Geduld, der Stream öffnet sich in 5-30 Sekunden, abhängig Ihrer Internet Geschwindigkeit - Please be patient the stream starts in 5-30 sec. -... Livecameras LIVECAMERAS.GR
  3. Hello from the other side. Its just as vile here in Hadfield although we haven't the flooding (yet) that you are suffering. Heavy rain with a sleety element to it and some very string wind gusts curtesy of the Pennines.
  4. Details on Wednesday/ Thursday are interesting for a time. Beeb graphics seem to show a period of snow for the NW Midlands and East Wales.
  5. Snow is affecting Holme Moss A6024 route off A628 Woodhead.
  6. Made me smile yesterday. Rainfall in Sheffield was near biblical. Is there a region in Sheffield called Biblical?
  7. Does anyone know why the water has all pooled on the East side of the Pennines? Seems a lot more flood warnings than on our side.
  8. No concerns for Glossop on the national map but a very different story on the East side of the Pennines.
  9. Glossop brook now at 174% Brookfield flooded bothways between Woolley Bridge and Glossop Caravans.
  10. Glossop Brook 148% above normal flood levels and weve had approximately 40mm rain so far.
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