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  1. Zborowo - Niepruszewskie Lake http://www.zborowo.pl/pl/pages/lake_cam
  2. Nowym Tomyślu http://tvk.smnt.pl/node/357
  3. Wolsztyn... very good view. http://www.kamery.wolsztyn.pl/kamera-30.html#a
  4. And now to Poland again http://www.kargowa.pl/pl/content/kamera-na-żywo 50km WSW of Poznan
  5. Gniezno.. East North East of Poznan - https://worldcam.live/pl/webcam/gniezno2 Kłecko.. North west of Gnieznoi - https://worldcam.live/pl/webcam/klecko
  6. Tonights lightning show is provided from Poznan, Poland http://bramapoznania.pl/brama-poznania/widok-tarasu-bramy-poznania/ Slightly furthere North you can also have a ring side seat at Wagrowiec - Market Square https://lookcam.com/en/cameras/9WGd6LQx/wagrowiec-market-square
  7. This was the view last night (I wish) http://www.mystateline.com/skycam-freeport
  8. There was nowt here. Possibly the emirates A380 taking off.
  9. Oh to have a storm like this approaching, almost better than a lottery win. http://www.kameraikealublin.pl/ The new building site for IKEA at Lublin, Poland
  10. This camera is near Ulverston so should get a pasting soon. http://www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk/osprey-cam
  11. Have mint sauce handy in case one gets instantly roasted
  12. http://www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk/wildlife/seal-cam No seals but hopefully some action, Edit Noticed the post a few above with th e same site address.. woops
  13. Looking down Station Road towards Tintwistle, a nice Base for starters. Unfortunately it heading for Yorkshire.