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  1. Are we all ready with our toys, maybe they wont be needed. Wouldn't it just be typical for the untrusted model (GFS) to go and nail this chapter and verse. I'm outa words to describe this 18z...
  2. I see there' a potential tropical disturbance heading towards the Azores. Could that upset the apple cart?
  3. Its nice that the toys are staying in the pram. Would be good to have toy throwing ens for a laugh. Next weekend is looking interesting given the wind direction, might have to get the shovel out.
  4. Fantasy land (FL) also known as FI or fantasy island
  5. Saves on the heating bills I suppose but lets see how things turn out,
  6. You mean where the cross is and the drop down to shaw via Grains road? Must get back on topic, I sense the models are sending a 2009/10 flavour, its a good direction to come from IMBY.
  7. I'm facing the other side of the hill from stalybridge / carbrook and that is over 300m asl so if the cloud base is high enough, I might see that icing sugar you hinted at. (My way of avoiding the 'S' word)
  8. 98m above your head, you need a bigger hill.
  9. The UK only has to get 5 numbers and two stars (76million -1 odds) to hit the jackpot. Atleast from the current projections, we have got a valid ticket for the cold and snow draw with a fair few lines on it.
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

  11. Hurricane Ophelia

  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    Not brilliant as the guy has loud music in thew background.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    I think hes heading for the west coast.
  14. Hurricane Ophelia