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  1. At St Merryn having steak at a Rick Stein restaurant. Outside in the sun !!!
  2. Can we pluck defeat from the jaws of victory. 5% chance of rain and average will verify.
  3. Same here in Newquay. Odd glimpse of the sun but generally overcast. Makes a change posting in the SW thread.
  4. Down in Padstow and it's hammered it down with thunder. Lots more showers with lightning to the west. Gonna get wet putting tent up.
  5. I'm over near Padstow and we've had thunder this morning. Plenty going on out to the west to.
  6. Yep. I took the test. Huge drops of H2O.
  7. I do live nearer and I'm still waiting First hefty shower of the day had soaked the ground. Another one looks to be hot on it's heels.
  8. Now that's more like it. Strange that theres no weatherfor 6am and 9am
  9. That will test my repaired shed roof and new gutter system
  10. I'm at Tameside A&E with second youngest. Deep splinter needs fishing out as it's gone infected.
  11. Looks to be developing on the southern edge, which might send it over my dot
  12. Two rumbles and one distant flash of lightning. Better than nowt.
  13. I can hear thunder. It's looking quite evil out.
  14. As long as it doesn't die, this could be interesting.