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  1. Hurricane Maria

    From Puerto Rico where they are preparing for a flood.
  2. Hurricane Maria

    https://www.windfinder.com/report/st_croix St Criox airport weather obs. Nothing severe yet.
  3. Hurricane Maria

    Just to correct myself, both ST Croix youtube cams ar on the North of the island, one to the West and one to the East. Just noted that the airport is on the South Side about 500m from the shore. Could feel the full force and prevent aid getting in if theres catostrophic damage.
  4. Hurricane Maria

    A few mph either way in that intensity zone may change it to a cat 5 but the damage is about the same, devastating.
  5. Hurricane Maria

    Those little waves will be no more soon. Given the South or SW facing position, this may get a direct hit if Maria cuts between here (St Croix) and the East of Puerto Rico. Edit, This cam is on the North coast, sorry.
  6. Hurricane Maria

    5 numbers and 1 star
  7. Hurricane Maria

    I'd buy a ticket anyway with £120M JP. Last I heard, she was 2MPH off a cat 5 and id forecast to hit Puerto Rico at that strength. PR has not had a CAt 5 make landfall for 85 years!!
  8. Hurricane Maria

    I could be wrong but all models including ECM have a track taking her NW, thats not to say thay are right but more agreement than with the track of Irma.
  9. Hurricane Maria

    http://www.meteo.fr/temps/domtom/antilles/pack-public/animation/anim_radar_guad_mf_com.html I agree with you now that it has gone back on a NW track. If you look at the link, from around 2am until 3.30 am ish the eye was going West.
  10. Hurricane Maria

    Lookinhg at the latest wobble, shes turned west on the last frame. The fact shes in open water for a few hours could give her an even bigger boost.
  11. Hurricane Maria

    https://www.ipcamlive.com/59ba94e3c7b01 The waves in the bottom right are huge and the trees are really rocking. This cam is looking South towards Dominica
  12. Hurricane Maria

    Live cam on Guadeloupe but for how long https://www.ipcamlive.com/59ba94e3c7b01
  13. Hurricane Maria

    Its bombing big time. They hinted that it might and its gorged on the good conditions.
  14. Hurricane Maria

    http://www.madinina.webcam/webcam-martinique-anse-a-l-ane/ Those waves are pounding the coast already
  15. Hurricane Maria

    http://www.madinina.webcam/webcam-martinique-sainte-anne-habitation-bellevue/ Not the best cam but it gives an idea of the deteriorating conditions. http://www.madinina.webcam/