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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/feeds/46500018 listen again, you are correct.
  2. If the 18z is good, it could be a sleepless night. Whats that saying. The show isn't over until the fat ladies had a strepsil.
  3. Yeah Liverpool Istanbul 2005. Can the cold pull it back from 3-0 down at HT. Hope the 18z isn't an anti-climax.
  4. Remember a few days ago, I posted an analogy where if you were aiming at a target I.e. the centre is the sweet spot with best synoptic and during your aim you passed through the centre and then back again on the second pass, this could be it. One can hope
  5. I think Ireland and west Wales / Cornwall could find a slight breeze there.
  6. You have altitude... its called Blackpool tower. Seriously though being close to the Irish sea is going to need some really cold air to see settling white stuff. I think more possible looking at the setup this year... we'll see.
  7. I compare the charts to aiming at a target. Your sites start at the edge, meander towards the middle (which maybe the point where the eye candy shows on several charts), you go past the centre (sweet spot) and then meander again pulling the trigger. The point being, the charts can all show the perfect synoptics now or close to across several models for 5 days away then drift away from the sweetspot. Its also perfectly possible that on the second pass, they come back to the sweetspot, which I would call an upgrade. Nothing to worry about, we have 3 months of winter and March is the bonus ball .
  8. I thought that but every so often a big gust appears from nowhere. Heavy drizzle here and thoroughly miserable.
  9. Thanks for that. I meant to look but you beat me to it.
  10. I was saying the same to my neighbour. This could have been an event to remember if we had tapped into some proper cold air. Certainly been a very wet day. Edit: Im now going on the school run on foot. Wish me luck, its bl**dy awful out.
  11. Graupel and light snow in Hadfield, Also in Hayfield, Chapel en le Frith too.
  12. 4th frost for me. 2x Sept & 2x Oct.