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  1. You'll get more than a foot of sand there.
  2. Freezing rain to my East. Will in Glossop has hit a purple patch.
  3. Turned to rain in Droylsden
  4. Almost enough to build a pygmy snowman.
  5. Doing well for 97M ASL Droylsden
  6. Snow settling on the grass and roads looking slushy. Only got to go over roads 200M higher to get home. Could be fun
  7. Snowing in Droylsden. Here on the fortnightly special speech and language therapy session for my child with S.E.N.
  8. You always wonder when the BBC NEWS 24 weather only talks about tomorrows snow event and gives very little detail. Monday was not even mentioned. Maybe there are developments, I wonder?
  9. Snowing at the top of North Road, [email protected] 235M. Snow cover from that height to the top of the hill with the transmitter on it.
  10. S.....oaking rain. Just wondering if that heavier stuff has the legs to make it to Greater Manchester/ Peakyshire
  11. You could get 30 minutes worth if lucky.
  12. Certainly pepping up. Lampost watching imminent
  13. Oh weather gods, please can we have a winter to rival 1962/63... Amen
  14. I think the Irish Sea shower machine has found a new lease of life. Looks to be baby and juvenile following each other. I like the purple line track
  15. I think were in danger of over stepping the moaning thread with regional.