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  1. Back on Harlech beach. Temp already 25°C and lovely southerly breeze Last beach visit Packing up and cleaning caravan tomorrow.
  2. Its been like a sauna today, I would have loved to cool down in those East Coast conditions.
  3. Now a lovely evening and we are sat looking out to sea at Criccieth
  4. Storm no8 since Monday just rolling over me. Porthmadog keeps on giving
  5. Constant thunder now just West of me towards Pwllheli. The storm cam right over and had really developed since.
  6. Constant rumbling to my South now. Noted lightning maps not picking up strikes!
  7. As predicted said storm is over me and that the 6th storm between Monday and today.
  8. My first rumble today. Looks like Porthmadog is sending me a present..... and as I type... a second one.
  9. Stormloser...Stormloser...Wake up.. Wake up....its lovely sunny day and not a cloud in the sky...
  10. Absolutely steamy here. Top temp supposedly 26°C but the humidity is making it feel like 90+. Good storms last night. They developed right overhead in a matter of 20 minutes with very frequent 🌩 and thunder.
  11. Fantastic storms all around me with a variety of lightning and booming thunder.
  12. Elevated storm kicked off over Pwllheli. Lightning maps not picking anything up and I've had several flashes.
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