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  1. Shoreditch, central London, 8.3c according to my weather station. Going to have to drop some, but expecting/ hoping for some nice surprises!!
  2. Nice, continuous, small flaked snow in central east London. Horizontal rather than vertical in the wind.
  3. Video of scenes about half an hour ago, Upper Thames Street, bang in the centre of London. Very rare to see this!!! IMG_0744.MOV
  4. Heavy snow bang in central London. Thames Streamer?? This is a video of the view across the Thames in the City right now....Awesome!! Wasn't expecting any today!! IMG_0743.MOV
  5. BBC App has Sleet for my area (Shoreditch, East London) tomorrow and Wednesday!!!! Surely can't be correct?
  6. BBC Weather App now showing Sleet for Tuesday and Wedensday in my area (Shoreditch, East London). Surely can't be right?
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