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  1. Still to warm down here on the coast. Temp 5.4C with DP 3.1C When is it meant to be getting colder down here??
  2. A dusting of snow this AM now rain. Temps to high atm hoping for something later
  3. Slight dusting down to coast here. Dark sky's to the north. Maybe more to come.
  4. Well the temps are warming up temp now +2.2C and dew point +0.2C so not expecting anything from this now apart from rain..
  5. What are people's thoughts re the south coast (Worthing area at sea level ) this evening/night?? - Current Temperature 1.6 °C Dew point -0.6 °C
  6. Just goes to show what a few miles can do when waiting for snow
  7. Did anyone get any snow along the south coast from the 2 bands of snow/rain? We had rain Hoping for something/anything tonight....
  8. Just hope is gets here as Snow rather than rain Temp the same as before at 3.4C but Dewpoint has gone UP from 1.8C to 2.3C
  9. Raining here now but temp dropped to 3.4C and dewpoint down to +1.8C
  10. Just been walking the dog along the beach in Worthing, Pleasantly warm in the sunshine. Current temp: 5.7C Dew point 3.1C
  11. I hope so. The snow shield down here is working to well at the moment lol. Current temp 3.2C DP -0.1C
  12. Hi all, I'm from Worthing along the South Coast, Interested in all types of extreme weather..
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