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  1. Already have ice forming on the cars, glad Im working from home tomorrow. Bring on the snow.
  2. I saw a chart showing as much as 60cm a few days ago but, cant find it. Maybe i imagined it!
  3. 100% sure its going to snow, last year i just had my engine forged and got it back the day it started snowing [ 350bhp in a Mini not much use in the snow] this year im about to get it back after crashing it at the nurbergring, will be just my luck!!!
  4. For a noob , being as this seems so favourable for a cold snap/snow event, is there anything in recent years that had similar charts and led to a good outcome for cold lovers?
  5. I go in there to look at the charts and come out more confused than i went in.
  6. With how the models have coped with this month im not suprised.
  7. -1 on the commute , temperatures going in the right direction at last.
  8. Does anyone have charts from Jan/Feb 2009 and if so how do they compare to the current charts?
  9. -3 on the commute , that's more like it!
  10. Will happily take 50/50 over the dire December we had.