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  1. Finally the right conditions to get this picture. Nice for it not to be raining!
  2. A suprise covering of snow on the car and -2 this morning. Can someone message me when Spring gets here please
  3. Was just getting used to the warmer mornings , that was a shock this morning!
  4. Ventured out of the office , lovely to see blue sky but it's bitter out there.
  5. I literally have snow falling 50m from my house.....if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have none
  6. Cold and dry this morning final remains of the little snow we had at the weekend have long since gone. Anyone know when the next event is looking likely or can I get my shorts out ?
  7. To be fair , countries that get regular snowfall are better set up for it. We don't often get disruptive snow so are not.
  8. Nice to see Milton Keynes have not bothered putting the gritters out yesterday. Roads are horrendous .
  9. Well from the supposed 12 hours of snow the Met App and BBC forecast for my area , we just about managed enough snow to make a bowl of Cornflakes look like Frosties
  10. Didnt look at the video, just RR in general give people a false sense of security.
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