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  1. I am in Cricklade/Cirencester on Sat/Sun/Mon. Coming from Manchester. What does anyone think about Sunday in Cricklade, heavy snow?
  2. The weekend looks interesting and beyond. A mate of mine at Manch Airport tells me the planning for a real storm followed by a cold blast. Maybe the pest frrom the west is putting in an appearance!!!
  3. Guess that is it now. Look forward to spring and summer and see what that brings!
  4. I guess that is it for Greater Manchester as far as any snow fest this winter. We came close I guess.
  5. Well here in Kearsley we are sitting at -1.0 here. So shovel in car. Up at six at work at 7am. May have to dig the car out for the home journey. My special metal studded tyre covers will get used for the first time.
  6. Biting cold in Kearsley 0.1C at the moment with clouding over here
  7. So what is the formula for working out the wind chill? 2.6c here
  8. Lets just concentrate on the cold that is incoming. 4c now and falling. Going out tonight and being laughed at for taking hat and gloves. People just do not understand the wind chill incoming
  9. Well off to Entwistl Resi for a walk in the sun and will be well wrapped up. Guess by next weekend the place will be cut off.
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