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  1. Do you not think all these graphics of where the snow is and isn't, analysing every single frame is a little much. We are talking 20 miles further north, that could quite possibly happen modelled or not. Just relax and if it snows great, if it doesn't, then move on.
  2. Has nobody bothered to check the radar? Stoke is going to get hit in the next hour and it looks on a direct line towards me.
  3. jesus you guys it's not life or death, this is a hobby and reading your posts it's like the worlds ending because if may not snow..... get a grip..... see what happens and move on...... it's not life or death...
  4. Nothing but Heavy Rain in Uttoxeter 10 miles east of Stoke not even a hint of sleet.
  5. It's the midlands national here tomorrow, the one day we don't need snow overnight and espically settling on the grass.
  6. Heavy rain all day in Uttoxeter and now some minor flooding in places with what appears plenty more rain to come.
  7. As an example of just how poor the met office automated is, my location is predicting heavy snow between 9 and 11, yet their isn't a single tiny piece of precipitation anywhere in the midlands showing currently. Say no more.
  8. We appear to be right on the northern edge of the snow. Literally 5 miles to the south of here
  9. Check out RainToday radar loop it shows the precipitation in the channel actually building and expanding all the way across to Kent
  10. We have 8cm here. I tend to agree it does look hopeful that we may see some of this from the south but let's just use a little bit of caution. The next hour will tell us everything. The more north and east it gets/builds the better
  11. Am I right in thinking the band on the south coast is much further east and still moving north and building east as we speak, this wasn't what was forecast was it?
  12. Still the snow continues to fall in Uttoxeter, over 12 hours now of steady snowfall
  13. Still very fine snow here falling and blowing around in the wind. We really have fell lucky with this
  14. We are right on the edge of the light precipation but it seems to of picked up slightly and got a fraction heavier
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