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  1. Long time reader but never really post! Live in Mossley and we do get snow a few times each winter. This week has been a rollercoaster! Fingers crossed for later. Just rain at the moment. Temp 2.3
  2. Yes we are down from there but higher than some parts of the village. Just trying to understand what all the fuss is about with next week! Hoping it means more cold and snowy weather for us!
  3. Thanks for that! We are at one of the higher parts I think, next to the football ground which is 200m?
  4. Hello! Long time reader but I've never posted! I live in Mossley near Ashton under Lyne and love the snow. I am fascinated by the weather but don't understand the models at all so I'm hoping to learn a little. Snow just melted here, we've had nearly a week of it being around which has been great! Snowman still standing, just.
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