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  1. Well, not the result we were all looking for. Immensely proud of our team's efforts, they should hold their heads very high and look at it as another stepping stone to winning a trophy. In my 42 years following football and supporting England this is by far the best group of players I have seen, quite a few of them are still babies in international terms so plenty of room to improve. I still believe this group will win either the World Cup or Euros within the next 5-10 years. To finish, the abuse suffered to the guys who missed pens is utterly disgusting and the sooner social media can stop this happening the better! Having the balls to take one takes guts, I'd like to se some of these keyboard warriors do it. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE BOYS, YOU DID THE COUNTRY PROUD! Now, where's the next storm?
  2. Nice 1. The only rumbles here have been at the dinner table after our veg! Frustrating day weather wise, showers to the left, showers to the right, dry slot all day. Well at least it doesn't do that when snow is about, oh hang on a minute.....
  3. A few big splodges of rain but looks like it's going to miss us by a whisker.
  4. Good to hear mate, hope those storms make it this far North this eve
  5. The forum seems busier this year, normally dead by now. Good to see people still nipping in & out. Soon be Winter lol.
  6. @Frost HoIIow Great pics That blizzard video doesn't half remind me of the Wirral Winter.
  7. What is going on with the weather, another truly crap day. Still no real heat to speak of. Not looked at any charts whatsoever so i'll just pray for nice weather instead lol.
  8. Yes, you would be getting clobbered and I wouldn't! I'd swap you a storm for snow any day.
  9. I think we've had more 'Wintry' showers here the last couple of weeks than we've had all Winter.
  10. Insane hail storm here with thunder & lightening everything white!
  11. Couldn't sleep, certainly had some sleety wet snow about 5am here too mate. Global cooling is back on
  12. You best get a plumber out, doesn't sound great that.
  13. Nothing here to add to the disruptive 2mm we had in Feb - Birds are singing outside lol
  14. I expect there'll be a smattering of snow showers about as we head through the day, similar setup toward the weekend too.
  15. Tomorrow late afternoon eve looks like the region's best chance for snow showers.
  16. Would expect our area of the region to at least see a few snow showers next couple of days
  17. Add in shower activity temps plummet further!
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