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  1. Yeah, passed through here a few hours ago, road was like a river! All quiet again. Looks like the real heat to return next week ?
  2. Wait 5 or 6 years for a storm then 4 come along in consecutive days! Crazy!
  3. Could be more over the next few days too, especially Tuesday.
  4. Easing off now, what a cracker! Worth the long wait.
  5. It's going very dark her, just checked radar, looks like we could be in for our first thunderstorm in many years...
  6. Thunderstorms -The wait goes on, 5 years at least...... Maybe it'll snow this Winter instead ?
  7. Signing off til December, Winter 19/20 you have been an absolute joke 0/10.
  8. Thanks, yes noticed quick an uptick in hail shame it wasn't snow.
  9. Well my interest in Winter 19/20 is hanging by a thread. I'll give it another 10 days then it's bye til December. What pants 3 months it has been!
  10. We haven't been in it since 2018. Hope has, reality hasn't.
  11. Agree, was sleety in heavier burst before then back to rain. March will save the day once more! (I hope lol).
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