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  1. Yeah Chris, bloody freezing here this morning 2's feels about right.
  2. Cracking day today, chilly start but then wall to wall sunshine, perfect for a Sat. Now for some
  3. Don't worry mate the ECM will come up with a belter shortly, that's what normally happens doesn't it in the roller-coaster Winter season. One drops the batton, another picks it up to keep everyone of their toes. Viewing from phone, but so far things looking better from what's been posted upto 144.
  4. The models are sending some of us around the bend already I see, bit of preaching and shakespere going on now
  5. Agree, 192 doesn't look too bad. The way things are going though nothing sorted by 120 so all will be different AGAIN later this eve, arrrghhh and to think Winter hasn't even started yet!
  6. No real clarity at 120 then, take your pick with the low to the south, left, middle, right
  7. The three side by side at 144 for people to compare. UKMO looks the odd one out at the mo, but some form of general consensus appearing in the mid-term.
  8. Miles away at 240 but nothing to complain about here, mild, wet & windy certainly isn't on the cards. Fantastic potential as we head toward Winter.
  9. The bitter cold certainly building nicely to the North East on this run and inching itself this way. Cracking charts.