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  1. Rain settling nicely, everything lovely and wet capping off a fantastic Winter.
  2. Totally agree mate, horrid horrid charts for Feb. Global warming / climate change whatever people want to call it, our seasons are being ruined. Those charts are great in April or May but not Feb, wish it was the 80's again when you could virtually guarantee decent snow and cold every Winter. I remember ponds and lakes frozen solid with thick ice on a regular occurrence, now hardly ever! Sad times, sad trends. Yes it still happens but knowhere near as much (here anyway). A few weeks left before reflecting on an absolutely crap crap Winter.
  3. 100C on Sat, can't wait. Love these mild snowless Winter's they're ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Been the story of the Winter, oh well onwards and upwards. Out to the Alehouse with the Mrs to watch the rugby. Maybe March will deliver
  5. A quick glance at the charts this morning, indications something is a foot. They look better than a week ago put it that way, my interest is back.
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