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  1. Up early that day, I'll throw a bucket over your house
  2. haha, well boom is moob backwards as the weather generally always go t#ts up for us
  3. Maybe try youtube videos instead?
  4. The ICON has a band of rain, sleet & snow moving through on Friday.
  5. Ok Nick fair enough, let's just hope the GFS is just being GFS = wrong
  6. Have you fully read the article, do you know that for sure? Why would they make something like that up? It's a very unusual situation over there and the huge discrepancy between the GFS and others is maybe the reason why.
  7. Thanks ghoneym. I have pulled out this bit for peeps to read, maybe the GFS should be taken with a huge dose of salt at present. But in the meantime, the current Global Forecast System — or the GFS — the United States' premier weather model, is running poorly, and there’s no one on duty to fix it. “There was a dropout in the scores for all of the systems” on Dec. 25, Saha said of the scoring system used to rank how the forecast models are performing. “All of the models recovered, except for the GFS, which is still running at the bottom of the pack.” Not only does that mean the day-to-day weather forecast is worse, she said, it is also a national security risk. Saha thinks it has to do with the data format. The model brings in data from all over the world, from dozens of different countries that are now standardizing the format to adhere to new regulations. The Environmental Modeling Center was working to adjust for the new formats when the shutdown started. Saha said that even though the Weather Service is getting the data, the GFS doesn’t recognize the format, so it can’t use it. And a model forecast is only as good as its input data.
  8. My God chart of the year for little old Merseyside, pity it'll be wrong and probably end up further south!
  9. Take with a dose of salt but here are the options for day 10... GEM, GFS, GFSP, ECM
  10. The cold spell hasn't begun yet and the next 5 days look more like a glancing blow, after that who knows??? I want northern blocking just as much as you by the way.
  11. Why are we worrying about 384, you're better than that Feb. Sometimes the models cannot agree at 120 so I think charts at 384 are of little concern. Would people think a blizzard at 384 is on the way?