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  1. The odd rumble, stuck in between 2 storms. What have we got to do to get a proper storm these days!!
  2. Ice! Bloody hell that is grim. Still using the flaming heating here from time to time, thought it was coming Moki??? Still waiting, no warmth here.
  3. Well it looks like skirting round me like the majority of snow, Weatherless Wirral
  4. Thought Chris would be all over a potential storm day?
  5. Not much happening yet, still clear blue sky...
  6. Not had a proper good old thunderstorm here for quite some time, bring it on
  7. Anychance of thunderstorms in the coming days Chris, hows the old CAPE looking? Lol
  8. Yes then the Dr has landed, he must be looking for them Oh it's boring not chasing snow lol
  9. The Tardis in the distance with it's lights on
  10. Well I did tell you not to move down here...