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  1. I really cannot recall the last storm seen here, it's a good few years.
  2. Singing and dancing in the shower is fraught with danger!
  3. At least you've brought the sun back Jan . Just need that storm now.
  4. Looks like we all generally missed out yet again, God this region is so poor for snow & storms. Is one snow event followed by one storm event each year too much to ask! The storm and snow starved south however....
  5. Sod all here yet again, oh sorry 2 drops of rain. CRAP!
  6. Nice little storm right over Chris's house in Crosby, can see it from here.
  7. We have a whole 2 to choose from now fantastic!
  8. 1 of the most bizarrely drawn warnings I think I have ever seen! I'll take it though if it means getting our first proper storm for about 5 years!
  9. The odd rumble, stuck in between 2 storms. What have we got to do to get a proper storm these days!!
  10. Ice! Bloody hell that is grim. Still using the flaming heating here from time to time, thought it was coming Moki??? Still waiting, no warmth here.