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  1. Not really, I'm hoping for more convection after midday but I'm not holding my breath for it.
  2. I never understand ALL the hype about the beast from the east. For here you need to get the cold air in and then have a atlantic low push in against the cold air then stall and slide away south east. That's pretty much the only way to get a decent snow event here.
  3. Just too far west here, light snow and a small dusting overnight. The convection needs to pick up a bit to make it further inland
  4. At least we would get some snow out of this instead of just cold dry air I suppose
  5. Small flakes blowing in the wind here on and off all day, just a few more now
  6. Wow that would be -5 maximum temps midday. Some places maybe double digit below all day.
  7. Yep, showers and streamers come out of nowhere with little warning sometimes
  8. Snow would most likely come from streamers I suspect, very difficult to pin point at ling range
  9. Just having a look at the winter of 1963 charts 14th Feb 1963 vs 11th Feb 2021
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