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  1. The jet is not in a faverable position on the 12z only Scottish mountains for snow on Wednesday. Cold rain everywhere else.
  2. A real novice here. Am I right in my assumption that a warming in the strat means more pressure on the vortex which means more chance of cold blocking? Or have I got this totally wrong?
  3. Because the jet seems to be about 100-200 miles further south on this run and tacking a more se track nearly missing the uk all the way through as opposed to the 12z where it roared across us. Wouldn't this allow the colder air to sink south and have less chance to get mixed out, so wouldn't-4 uppers be enough for snow to most places??
  4. The jet looking to go more se at 114?
  5. The angle of the jet is looking better imo. A few more adjustments in the coming days I think.
  6. The jet is now being forecast to go s/e past and over us instead of the split to the north from earliet
  7. The warm air pushing up from the med has really dispelled the cold uppers across all of Europe.
  8. Good old gfs. Really deepening that low by Greenland.
  9. Yes please. Never mind cold from the east I'll take this. Also I posted this model and got it blocked by robomod for some reason.