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  1. Defiantly heading this way, intensity dropping off on the line as it's heading east tho. Still should be some strong winds and driving rain as it passes through
  2. squall line developing over the Midlands, very heavy rain and strong winds along that line.
  3. Winter goes out with a last hurrah. Untill Easter
  4. Shield is down. Light to moderate snow here starting to give a covering again
  5. I can confirm the radar is lying again. It shows a heavy blob just about passing over here and there's just the odd flake falling from the sky
  6. A few flakes making it through the snow shield here. It's only had a fast charge when it needed a 24 hour trickle charge to replenish.
  7. Looking like Coventry might be the northern extent of this little feature from the south east
  8. Terrible road conditions. Sheet ice under the snow.
  9. I wish the wind would turn east indtead of n/e then we would have a direct hit.
  10. A plesent feeling day today. Max at 9.5. Min of 0.2 overnight with a ground frost.
  11. Wow absolutely Blizzard like here. Good end to winter. Bring on spring after this so i can get the bbq out
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