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  1. A light dusting here overnight, has just started snowing now, only lightly but some decent sized flakes.
  2. We seem to have a nice large (ish) band over us now, is coming down better than I have seen yet, "could" get some laying snow, would be nice if the wind stopped now for an hour or so!! LOL
  3. I have a feeling this is going to be a repeat of the 2018 BFTE here, days of pretty much consistent, but extremely light snow that didn't stick or accumulate at all here.
  4. Just gone a lot darker here and the snow is starting to come down with a bit more intensity, less windy as well. Hopefully this might be the start of more prolonged and organised showers......................
  5. No snow here, but the bitterly cold wind is drying up the ground nicely, hopefully a bit of snow later according the Met which should stick.........
  6. I've just been outside and to me it feels colder than it did when I first went outside earlier around 7am. Is just wet here btw, was a bit of slush around at 7am but is all gone now.
  7. I'm so confused now with the const flips from "it's going to be sub-artic and everywhere getting buried" to "it's going to be normal wet and mild, watch out for flooding" that I don't know nor believe ANY weather forecasts I see!
  8. Bone dry here as well in Salford, but bugger me that wind is biting!
  9. Just say it doesn't look great for the South East, only if you are VERY brave!!
  10. Meto just issued snow and ice warnings for Monday thru Wednesday for, well pretty much everywhere by the looks of it, ie they have no idea!!
  11. Apart from all the cold, nights of sub zero etc in the coming days, I would class that as winter weather, I assume you mean snow?
  12. I grew up on the Wirral, Bebington to be precise, and I remember many a snowy winter, I was born in 74. I remember one year at junior school (Brackenwood) us building snow igloos on the playing field and them being there for days, also another year building a den of snow in the ditch between the common on Stanton Road and the golf course which had drifted in to and filled it up, it also was there for days. Oh also going sledging down the hill at the golf clubhouse was something that happened a lot of years as well.
  13. Ours were a 56 petrol (in Phantom blue), low mileage but loads of issues once we had it a while, failed ball joints, failed AC compressor, had the Continental TEEVS ABS\traction control failure that affected millions of cars (BMW's, Vaux\Opels\Mercs etc) fail just out of warranty and at first Mazda wanted over 2k to replace it (even though the car had a full FSH), then they were going tod the labour for free, then Continental brought out a repair kit for it and Mazda just did it FOC then, it also had to go back for extra rust prevention on the rear end (even though ours thankfully didn't have any rust (I clean under wheel arches etc often) oh and failed ball joints due to my partner going over the speed bumps in the carpark of our apartment too fast! The 57 plate Carbon Grey diesel had none of the above issues, only a seized (Ford part) brake calliper fixed under warranty and it was starting to weep from the crank main seal when I was about to part ex it (after having it for 5 years and up to 75k on it, the longest I have ever owned a car!), it was also nicer as it had an electric sunroof, leather interior, tinted rear windows and a nice Parrot Bluetooth system I put in it. Funny you should mention the MPS, the 2.0td Sport 3 had a lot of MPS components on it, brakes, gearbox and body strengthening being the main ones over the petrol Sport, I found it a much nicer and more substantial feeling car to drive then the petrol one as well. I would like a new Mazda but they don't do decently powerful engines with a decent auto\DSG box in anything anymore, I do REALLY like the look of the current 3, but I think my next car (after the Polo GTi goes back, is on a PCP) will to buy my brothers Hyundai Kona EV off him, he will be ready to change it for a VW ID 4 (he wants to dual motor, long range one) or such like when the Polo goes back, having used to have an i3 I do miss having an EV and I love his Kona, esp the gadgets and range!
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