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  1. Don't say it, I can't cope with another cycle of excitement and then let down! Also was only -1 this morning at 7.50am when I left the house, not the coldest night of winter at all.
  2. But winter tyres would only be better than normal ones for a couple of days each winter, most of our winter months they would be worse. What we really need in this country is car manufacturers to stop fitting normal cars with summer performance tyres from new, all cars in the UK should come with all season tyres, if you want high performance ones for the summer you should have to buy them separately.
  3. Thin layer of snow here, not much but it looks pretty, is much more than last year's beasterly gave us (nothing stuck here for that!). BBC weather shows tomorrow to be a purely southern event.
  4. Snow picking up again Manc CC, seems to come in waves.
  5. Snowing in Manc CC now after raining for a while, not settling as yet.
  6. Snowing in Salford now, big wet stuff though, don't think it's cold enough yet for the decent stuff.
  7. Intensity just cranked up here, starting to stick a bit.
  8. Pretty heavy in Manc CC for last 5 mins, not sticking obviously but nice to watch from my office window.
  9. I can't believe that it's not stopped yet since I got up!!!
  10. Morning all, what a lovely sight to wake up to again, is snowing pretty well here in Salford, 3rd day of (laying!) snow, looks lovely. It seems I couldn't have picked a better week to have off work, had a day out in North Wales with my parents yesterday and it was stunning when we drove through the hills! I think a day of playing Elite Dangerous in the warmth is in order today!!
  11. Oh just gone to almost whiteout again, gosh that is a heavy shower!!
  12. Proper coming down again and I noticed when I just went outside that it has gone VERY cold, almost become a white out while I have been typing, WOW!!
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