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  1. wow it does seem nice out today. Shame i have to work. Not going to complain one bit about lack of cold 😄
  2. Oh definitely milder. And wetter. Much preferred the cold to this like most others are saying. Going forward, I haven’t even looked yet 🤢😊
  3. At least no one has come out with the ‘shorts and barbecue weather’ line yet, unless I’ve missed it. 😂 That front is moving East a bit, wonder how far it gets today?
  4. Some surprise precipitation making its way in land for East Mids, according to radar? Still a bit cool over the weekend then milder temps by Monday according to GFS 6z. I wonder if that's it then or if we see colder output later in the month?
  5. -7 when I left the house earlier. 🥶🥶 nice frosty scenes though, looks great!
  6. Overnight snow fall -3 out. On way to work in Nottingham, some snow down also. -2. Cold one!
  7. Snowing again, bigger flakes than yesterday. In the path of a streamer it seems. Onwards to Coventry looks like!
  8. heavy snow shower now with a clear sky behind it. Rinse and repeat, This is the story of today. After dark later could be a different story as others have mentioned.
  9. Bring it on! 😄 Just picked up here a bit. Not settling so much, looks a bit wet on the ground. loads of streamer activity to come I hope!
  10. send it this way 😄 Just had a polystyrene flurry for cliffs sake!
  11. its odd, the showers are steaming through as well. Just had an intense downpour then slows down again. Partially settles in places. I think it is still early days, the streamers of the North sea just keep coming. Not seeing any of this as a downgrade...yet! Plus the short range models do have this down at all. Weather apps are going to be way off too. At the moment there is another streamer heading right this way via Leics-toh!
  12. Anyone else looking at the precipitation charts? Arpege v Icon V Euro4? Not showing much going forward after today. Guessing showers will continue to pop up though which is probably why the yellow warning is in place. Still light snow on and off here. A bit meh to be honest so far! Radar looking good NE of East Mids though.
  13. we seem to have grown a snow shield: See how that gap has got bigger! 🤣 Looking ahead, arpege and EURO4 poles apart as far as I can see. Arpege showing more showers developing later 3pm tomorrow AM We are not done yet hopefully.
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