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  1. That Easterly would likely deliever alot more precipitation than shown , with -10 850's and all that troughing to the South.
  2. I hope the Navgem is on to something , The Cold spell never ends ..
  3. Good model agreement now, I expect some upgrades will start to show in respect to the uppers , which don't look Cold enough for a directly sourced Northerly , Although the trough to the East depending on it's position , may moderate 850's slightly . With the Azores far enough West it also would leave open the option of small disturbances spreading down the West of the uk , giving some frontal Snow. Exciting times . Chris
  4. Another big shower heading for Leicester , currently over nuneaten , as soon as they get into the East midlands they are beefing up like mad , going from drizzle to bright orange
  5. Mind you it is just that heavy shower over us , not much at all behind us , so hope that stuff in the SW moves North .
  6. I bet and is going mad , it is chucking it down in glenfield leic , settled instantly
  7. If we get any further corrections West , r.e. the progression of the front Tue/Wed , we will be lucky to get it past Birmingham . Although i imagine it may increase chances of some Snow into parts of the West country . Wednesdays front had looked stronger on previous runs , but now it looks like it will struggle with Eastwards progression more than Tuesday. On the bright side Gem and Navgem still take it across the country , but the resolution isn't as high as the new GFS . As for the rest of the 12z , it looks far to progressive to me , taking into account that Cold block of air to the East
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