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  1. They are a pre-paid credit card. You can load an amount of dollars on to them as and when required. The card can be used in any place that would typically take a credit card, but you can also use it at an ATM to draw out dollars if you need to. Top-ups can be done online and the money becomes available to use shortly after.
  2. I studied Meteorology as a mature student as the University of Reading. To do this I took A-Level Maths using a distance learning course fro the National Extension College. It really wasn't that expensive, and I could work at my own pace while still employed. The downside is you have to arrange to sit to your own exams, which I did via a local school. Physics was more troublesome, as most qualifications require lab work. I was lucky in that I was accepted on a Science Foundation Degree which brought me up to speed in the maths and physics required for meteorology. Sadly the course is no longer run at Reading, but I believe Leeds still has one with progression into meteorology.
  3. Although I am by no means an expert, I do have a little knowledge of polar lows as they are part of my dissertation. There have been quite a few comments about the 500 mb temperatures not being cold enough, with -40 being quoted several times. This is a good guide temperature, but polar lows strengthen mainly due to temperature contrast between the surface and aloft. With 'warm' seas, it is not a requirement to have a 500 mb temperature of -40. In regards wind speeds, there is no strict definition, although 15 m/s is commonly used.
  4. As we seem to say every year, the Texas Panhandle could really do with some rain. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19414-img-0870/
  5. icbinb

    IMG 0870

    Texas Panhandle 14th December 2013
  6. Will be there, but will be missing out on a few drinks as my last lecture is at 6
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