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  1. Some snow on the ground here in Market Rasen, Lincs. Only 25m above sea level. Just shows that surprises can pop up anywhere:)
  2. I was originally sceptical about this winter, I thought it would be a case of deja-vu. However, the last 2 weeks of watching the models has really interested me. We are at solar minimum, Nao and Ao going pretty negative along with an Average December which is always a good sign The coming week will be slightly colder than average, along with a showery theme of weather. Snow surprises could just about pop up anywhere, so now casting is definitely key. However, for me, the main core of proper cold weather, ie from the east, with substantial falls of snow, will be from the second week of January. !
  3. Overall, the best output since that of February 2018. Granted, it's no where the near the nirvana produced then and people should accept that. The risk of wintry precipitation, whether it be sleet or snow, is on the rise, especially post Christmas. A small chance of something wintry affecting Eastern coasts - Christmas eve into Christmas day which needs watching! After such a dreadful year, I, and the majority in here will be happy with the overall output going forward. Merry Christmas all
  4. Ao majorly negative! Good signs going forwards towards Christmas and new year.
  5. Worryingly stronger and upgraded for Sunday. This is absolutely brutal. 80 to 90mph for many inland areas of the midlands and north. 80 across the south, in places like London.
  6. Just watched the Met Office Live today and makes grim viewing for the potential warming. Now expected to be relatively minor, with little affect, and a return to a strong vortex by late December. ?
  7. I'd say the best GFS Ens yet for a Cold spell. Some very special ones in there indeed. Think the op might be a mild outlier.
  8. Some absolutely outstanding ens tonight packed with potential. Take a look at this
  9. I think the point hes making is that unsettled starts to November are good for a cold winter? 2009/2010 very cold 2012/2013 cold
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