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  1. A good chart these days is hard to find, true cold the lasting kind,a good chart these days is hard to find so please be gentle with these charts of mine.
  2. being a novice,are we now getting into a reliable timeframe?looks very cold indeed.
  3. Agreed as we have just experienced within a 48hr window our snow is now rain.
  4. Oh look west cornwall is snow free....now there is a surprise..........aaarrrrrggggghhhh
  5. But its also nearly 30 years since west cornwall had its last snowfest so anything goes....hopefully...
  6. Im hoping for a last minute turnaround in the models.after all these are just calculations right?so anything can happen....example october storm 87 last minute.com
  7. Can but hope something like this comes off. I don't think i could handle the downward negativity that would follow.
  8. Well all in all as long as I get to see at least one snow day before then I would be a satisfied customer
  9. Interesting week ahead.lets just hope the usual spoilers of the media express train do not ruin the party.
  10. the only flakes i will be seeing this week will be of the crunchy nut variety lol
  11. Could be an interesting morning the temp has really dropped here in marazion not sure what it is reading but i feel we could be in for a few surprises in the morning.
  12. Hi I am a newbie to the forums and quite a novice so apologies in advance for my lack of technical knowledge regarding the models.I view these forums daily with great interest and would like to know if this coming cold spell will deliver snow for west cornwall.regards
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