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  1. Well it’s been raining since I woke at 6:30 this morning, heavy rain started around 9 and hasn’t eased. Not much in terms of daylight, dark and brooding. Lots of incidents around the duchy already, mainly flood related, warnings of heavy surface water on roads, at least one road closed due to flooding near me already. Not as many trees down yet as last week, but at least 2 reports on local news. Winds have been variable, steady 35 - 42mph on local weather stations with gusts up to 62, at both Newquay airport and RNAS Culdrose. Local weather team recorded a 70mph gust an hour ago.
  2. Ciara might have departed Sunday but hasn’t felt like it here, yesterday winds didn’t drop much below the mid 40’s with frequent heavy showers of hail and sleet, gusting in the high 50’s and more thunder than I’ve heard here in the last 12 months, one house in par struck by lightning. It’s continued all night into this morning with frequent hail showers driven by high winds, made driving hazardous this morning. During the hail showers Newquay Airport weather station recording gusts in the high 50’s again. Unsettled is the term, I think! As I’ve been typing this gone from blue skies to gradually darkening again, another shower passing through soon.
  3. Wind has picked up herearly in the last hour plus rain looking the models things could get interesting later local weather has storm warning for 85km/h gusts later
  4. Wind has increased here (Cornwall) in the last few hours some ferocious gusts but sun is still managing to peek through the increasing clouds.
  5. Bit of breezy (?) morning here on North Cornwall coast nice and sunny though so far coastguard warnings to keep away from the coast today.
  6. Newbie here not an expert of any kind but often caught looking out the window! Been following this thread for as few days and seems to be lot of anticipation/excitement about snow (can't think why nasty cold white stuff best viewed from a distance preferably next to a nice warm fire). So anyhow thought I would report close call where I work in Lancing Sussex a heavy shower of icy rain with lots of those little white cold things mixed in wind getting up again too. Temperatures dropped a lot since first thing.
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