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  1. Constant thunder lightning torrential rain since around 1am newmarket suffolk looks to have been bang in the centre of the thin ppn band all night barely slept because of the noise
  2. Snowing here near newmarket suffolk again but radar shows nothing have around 5 inches yet 15 miles away towards cambs has nothing so strange
  3. When Devon gets more snow from an easterly than Newmarket suffolk you know its time to give up haha
  4. Turned to rain here got a good covering but starting to melt abit now
  5. Light snow has turned very heavy here huge flakes the size of golf balls! Massive flakes getting a good covering now!
  6. Huge flakes now very heavy and settling finally the newmarket snowzone layer has been broken
  7. Newmarket must be the unluckiest place is the world! How can the line of ppn just break up around me and then reform to the south so out of order damp sqiub!!
  8. If your not too far south your too far north too far west of too far east or its too warm lord i give up!
  9. Drizzly rain here in newmarket and were alot further north than most in this forum so game over me thinks
  10. Woke up to a covering here maybe 1cm first for a very long time!
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