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  1. Be interesting I reckon from about 6pm here in the Black Country. Any time from then onwards, I reckon we may see a flake or two.
  2. Light snow in Halesowen, temp down to 0.7C, dew -0.3C. 20190129_162131.mp4
  3. As with many others, snow showers this morning with quite large flakes. Temps down to between 1-2C. 20181027_105336.mp4
  4. Short, heavy hailstorm from 12.55 to 13.01 in Dudley. Heavy rain too.
  5. Heavy snow in Dudley and Halesowen for the past hour or so, starting to really accumulate now with larger flakes.
  6. Bitter and very windy out, really nasty conditions out there. Again, not huge amounts of snowfall but high winds and bitterly cold.
  7. Not loads of snow but it has occurred right on the commute home and therefore the roads seemed to be gridlocked. My journey from Dudley to Halesowen just took an hour and a half.
  8. Possibly heavier snow showers in Worcester within the hour then perhaps in the Black Country by 3pm looking at the radar.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if we do get something, but I wouldn't have thought it will be anything more than a few cms if that. Certainly no where near what it was like in December 17 around these parts, but then again that really was an exceptional event. One to keep an eye on, this afternoon we may get something slightly heavier if the showers don't dissipate before then. I would expect Coventry perhaps moderate/heavy would get something this afternoon.
  10. Dudley: Overnight low -7.6C (03.35) Halesowen: Overnight low -6.0C (01.02) No real lying snow, only perhaps the frozen remnants of yesterday afternoon's fall of a few mms. The Black Country and the wider West Mids seem to be in a hole around which snow is falling to varying amounts. I'm expecting another ice day today and with the wind, it really is feeling bitingly cold.
  11. Perhaps some snow showers, for the Dudley area, wouldn't have thought too heavy at around 1am tonight. Worcester looks to be in the heaviest area at around that time.
  12. Halesowen: Min -6.5C (05.39) Max -0.7C (13.06) Currently at -5.3C Rate -0.5C/hr Dudley: Min -6.7C (03.36) Max -1.3C (14.20) Currently at -5.3C Rate -0.9C/hr Light snow showers all day in Dudley which haven't really settled, but drove to Halesowen to find a sharp shower with blowing snow that has left a covering across all surfaces of a few mm, perhaps a cm in places. Whiteover leaving a nice covering as the sun sets.
  13. Very light wisps of snow blowing around in Dudley today, temp at -4.4C with an overnight low I recorded of -6.7C. Should be an ice day today and I would think we will get some snow showers, at times slightly heavy from around 1pm this afternoon.
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