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  1. Over the past day or so I have been looking at the great snow storm (if you like snow) that is hitting them hard at the moment. I have been reading the weather forum on Accuweather and they have people just like us who love snow and people who are not as excited over it. But one thing jumps out to me, even though just like on our site, people may not agree with each other (its going north, no its not its going south, Washington will get records amounts, it will be just average amounts in Washington no record). No one gets personal, no digs or sly comments. I think maybe some of our forum members could learn a lot from them. As for their snow storm, boy am I jealous!
  2. Once again the decision on an extra runway at Heathrow has been delayed. Before I comment I point out clearly that I live nowhere near Heathrow and therefore any extra tarmac has no impacted on me directly. I am a regular user of the airport. I also fully acknowledge it is an emotive subject to the people it affects greatly. We all know the arguments for and against an extra runway and both sides put up excellent reasons for their respective position. After considering both sets of reasons, I would vote for the runway on economic grounds and the benefits it would bring to the county. Let’s not get into “only for the south”, as any extra runway is only going to be for the Heathrow or Gatwick and we are now passed that particular view point. The reason for the delay is purely political so as to get the London Mayoral elections done and dusted. Love it or hate it aviation is an important part of our economy and should be encouraged.
  3. I could not agree more with Mike's comments, not least with " Some don't but I suggest this is more due to the character of the person rather than his race.".
  4. We need to cut off their money, they unfortunately have a lot of revenue coming in to finance their view of the world. How we do that, airstrikes, ground troops, sitting around a table taking (no, I'm not convinced the last one would work with them) is the question and better people than I can work it out.
  5. Sky News won't talk about anything else from now until April!!
  6. None of them are lily white unfortunately.
  7. Were we in the cross hairs before last weeks vote, yes! Are we more so now, yes! The very fact he shouted out about Syria makes Nick's point I think. I don't think Nick's comment was blaming last weeks vote in total for last nights incident.
  8. I for one agree with Nick L comments.
  9. Wow I find this very sad. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/12/05/us/michele-fiore-gun-holiday-card-feat/index.html
  10. Unfortunately this type of thing will become the norm. The assailant was lucky the armed response unit did not turn up first. On some of the video I have seen, some people still get through the barrier to go and catch their train! Londoners just take a deep breath and carry on, that's the Dunkirk spirit for you.
  11. Shame about the Forth Bridge being closed, this would be very inconvenient for people at the best of times, but more so over Christmas period visiting family and friends. But if the Forth Bridge is closed, hopefully the other three are still OK
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