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  1. Well when we finally get a proper storm and not just Gales then it'll definitely make the most of it's purpose. Something comparable to the October storms in 2000 and 2002 and of course 1987 we could almost warrant the title Super Storm ........ << followed by the name!
  2. Well if there was a so called intense squall I slept through most of it so it can't have been as bad as was being hyped up. 23/12/13 was alot worse here!
  3. Not much to get excited about here, occasional 40mph gusts nothing much more then that.
  4. Since when? Most forecasts I've seen have stated this will be a widespread event.
  5. Just heard the first noticeable gust against my bedroom window not much more then 30mph though, all rather tame so far!
  6. BBC London forecast just now downplaying gusts to 50mph when most other forecasts are suggesting 60+ there seems to be confusion galore. It would hardly seem worthit doing a news article about potential disruption if the gusts struggled to get above 50mph!
  7. She used the term "powerful" you don't hear weather presenters say stuff like that too often!
  8. There's going to be an article about the approaching storm on BBC London News in a minute with a news reporter at Dartford bridge, I'm guessing they're thinking its going to get quite bad if its making the news and it hasn't even got going yet.
  9. Well the BBC London lunchtime forecast was still forecasting 60mph inland gusts so very confused now considering the Met Office gust predictor is going for 45-50mph at best!
  10. I've noticed whenever significant storms are approaching that the Met Office gust predictions tend to downgrade in the 12 hours or so leading up to it, only yesterday evening it was predicting 55-65mph gusts as far inland as the London suburbs now it's only saying around 45mph, I'm not sure whether these latest readings can be entirely trusted. I remember 12 hours before St' Jude hit it said gusts for my location would struggle to reach 40mph we ended up getting a short spell of 60 to 70mph as the Sting Jet passed over!
  11. Most forecasts still indicating 60mph+ gusts inland and 70-80mph on coasts, winds look like peaking between midnight and 4am before slowly moderating towards dawn.
  12. Met Office have downgraded the gusts by about 10mph where I am in the last 12 hours from 58 to 48mph but this happened before St Jude hit when originally they proposed 60mph and dropped them to only 40mph about 12 hours before it hit so I've learnt to take their forecasts with a pinch of salt, I personally find the GFS-P charts more or less spot on same for MetCheck who're going for widespread 60mph inland with 75-80mph on some exposed Western coasts.
  13. Sorry yes you're right its Rachel lol. Don't know where I got Emily from!
  14. London and South-East Weather page on Facebook forecasting 55-65mph inland with 70-80mph on coasts perhaps 90mph for a short time!
  15. In a word NO, any settling snow will only be over high ground in The Chilterns etc...
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