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  1. No snow anywhere nearby except IMBY Lovely to see the elham valley white again-albeit a day long dusting Slushy side roads will be bad tomorrow am!
  2. There's been three frosts Snow is definite for coming weeks
  3. Hey johnholmes I been searching for you everywhere! Quick return to regionals I miss your sensibility For everyone else - frosts building 3 equals snow Never fails in sunny Se See Ya
  4. We got a rain shower two lightening strikes and one clap thunder. That was it?! Did it fizzle out?
  5. Happy Birthday John in regard to Snow I revert to my faithful mantra passed down from generations before - 3 consequtive frosts then look for snow. Not had that yet...
  6. Really? What did I miss, is it moving through slower than expected? What time are the stronger winds due
  7. Gosh Just opened window Anyway is this it at its worst in Folkestone now or are we not there yet? A2 closed apparently
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