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  1. A few flashes and rumbles earlier. The highlight, however, has to be this rather majestic towering cumulus rushing north to join its thundery mates.
  2. So this trough that’s meant to come in from the East, creating storms moving from West to East... When’s it meant to hit, and how could I find it on a model chart?
  3. I’m so hopeful for tonight. No worries if it is a bust, but I remember big storms like football world cups. The last one for here was the Yorkshire supercell of 2015. It’s a little bookmark embedded in my memory of who I was at the time, where I lived, what I was doing and who I was with. I’d love another little bookmark and a spectacular light show tonight.
  4. http://en.blitzortung.org/archive_data.php Just change the time parameters accordingly and set Map Selection to UK under the Image menu.
  5. Some beautiful nastiness brewing in Leeds. Doesn’t look like it’ll kick off here, but congratulations to whoever’s on the receiving end of this one.
  6. At 60-100 strikes per minute, a big overshooting top and what could be a hook echo on radar, I strongly suspect a supercell over Normandy on its way to you lucky sods in the South...
  7. I think a lot of it comes down to surface/elevated and day/night too. Yesterday’s surface-based stuff gave me constant daytime rumbles but no lightning when the storm was in East Leeds, about 3-4 miles away. On the other hand, that elevated Yorkshire supercell a few years back was still visible, strobing away when the maps had it over County Durham, a good 80 miles to the north east.
  8. Mind getting a hairdryer out to blow it towards central Leeds? Cheers mate
  9. Also, these two pigeons are shagging on my neighbour’s roof - it’s all kicking off in Leeds today.
  10. Distant, constant rumbles from this cell in East Leeds. Can’t see any lightning. Action is action though, right?
  11. I suspect that looking at the maps that Hull is the place to be tomorrow. And believe me, I would never say that normally.
  12. It's cracking warm weather, there's CAPE in the forecasts, the storm forum is awake from its hibernation, Nick F is posting! I'm happy again!
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