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  1. Apparently I’m directly under one of those heavy Leeds showers. Only a couple of drops, suggesting that the precip is evaporating on its way to the deck.
  2. Hasn't really shown up on lightning detectors but a very significant flashyboiworked its way past LBA airport earlier. Lots of luscious white flashes and shotgun thunder.
  3. Got nailed-on caught out in the open in that main cell, thinking I could get up a hill and catch a few flashes before the rain hit. After sweating my tits off for three days, was absolutely fantastic.
  4. Bullish from Met Office there. Love the talk of frequent lightning and large hailstones!
  5. Interesting - GFS and ICON both going for storms breaking out over Pennine and North Welsh hills on Weds eve. EURO4 having none of it.
  6. ICON FI run fancying a huge MCS scything West to East across the British mainland on Friday night. Which would be an acceptable way to end the week, to be fair.
  7. Very distant rumbles from the North Yorkshire cell, great views here though.
  8. Nothing storms-wise up a hill here in Leeds, great view though.
  9. Yep, this is the one for me, bloody incredible. I could still see strikes at the cloud tops from Leeds when the centre of the storm was near Hartlepool.
  10. To be fair, by their criteria, Estofex's warning has verified perfectly - that squall line was convective in nature, enhanced the speeds of the underlying wind field and its winds undoubtedly exceeded 49kt in places.
  11. Just had the squall line through in Leeds, huge buckets of heavy rain driven horizontally by 50mph+ gusts against the windows. 5 minutes later, the air is completely still with some light drizzle, and the sparrows are making a racket in a bush somewhere in the garden.
  12. A few flashes and rumbles earlier. The highlight, however, has to be this rather majestic towering cumulus rushing north to join its thundery mates.
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