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  1. Based on @staplehurst's success rate so far this year, I've concluded that he is not an exceptionally skilled weather forecaster, but in fact a psychic who can see into the future. I for one welcome our new psychic convective overlord.
  2. Honestly mate, best storm of the year on a cold day in September, would never have thought it.
  3. I suggest that’s a mini supercell near Leeds. It’s been at 10 strikes/min for two hours now. When I was nearby, the wind was drawing strongly towards a clearly rotating core roughly 200yds wide. Am open to other hypotheses also, could just be a long-lived pulse storm with coincidental rotation..
  4. I know everything's a supercell to us overexcitable storm nerds, so let me be the first. I see a cheeky hook echo, and it seems to have broken off from the NNW flow to NNE. A storm spotter report from the ground (my Mum) say it's the biggest storm she's seen in years. What do we think?
  5. Hope you’ve got your tornado shelter prepped, looks like a nasty one.
  6. Unlikely this evening and overnight, but Porthmadog is well in the firing line any time after breakfast tomorrow mate.
  7. Fair play to 'em for trying, but screenshotting GFS composite parameters from lightningwizard is a pretty lazy attempt at storm forecasting IMO...
  8. Apparently I’m directly under one of those heavy Leeds showers. Only a couple of drops, suggesting that the precip is evaporating on its way to the deck.
  9. Hasn't really shown up on lightning detectors but a very significant flashyboiworked its way past LBA airport earlier. Lots of luscious white flashes and shotgun thunder.
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