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    Im interested in StreetPhotography and also have my own website it's on my url above,severe weather documentaries twisters being my favourite.astronomy more into planets rather than stars but all good.
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  1. Lol love the way you said ud seen a triangle paul lol x
  2. Put the bloody stream on I'm at home bored and clicked on it and it's saying error! Hope your all well x
  3. My past weeks chasing

  4. Lol weird being on the stream end now from my bed lol.mads x
  5. Hi I'm Madeleine,live in london but from Somerset,me and my sister holly going on tour 1 next week,who else is tour 1.we are flying early from Heathrow on the 8th may.heres my number if anyone from tour 1 wants to meet up for a chat at airport,it's better to text me.my number is 07445220258 you can call me mads.
  6. Madeleine clail

    Storm cell

    Storm cell

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  7. Can't wait just over a week to go and see there is some crazy weather in Texas.me and my sister are on tour 1 and arrive midday from Heathrow so if anyone wants to meet up at the airport we will be there very early morning.give me a text I'm Madeleine (mads) 07445220258. Can text me now if you like be nice to know whose in our group? Me and my sister are so excited and like a good laugh!! Bring it on!! YEEHA!! ✈ï¸ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸âš¡ï¸â˜€ï¸â˜”ï¸ðŸ»ðŸ˜‚
  8. Hi paul I think you may have sent to wrong facebook,my facebook has a pic of me at the john Lennon memorial in strawberry fields.its Madeleine Ketty clail.iv booked flights I can't wait.so your doing tour 1? Is there a facebook group I can join that your all on? Can you add me as a friend on here because I havnt got any yet haha

  9. Can't wait to go in May : )

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    2. Paul


      Storm chasing :-)

    3. lassie23


      When are the engineering works on the met line due to finish?

    4. Daniel*


      Oh have fun :-)

  10. Hi im Madeleine iv always wanted to do this and am excited and going on tour 1.i want to book flights I don't want to sound stupid but im assuming that the return flight is from Dallas aswel? Well I hope so as im checking flights now and because of work i work for London Underground and my annual leave il have to fly out on the 8th may arrival day (il sleep on the plane).iv just looked at british airways flights il go economy and looking at the 0930 I think it is from heathrow and flying back 1800 i think it is on the 19th.if anyone wants to meet up at the airport that would be great im going by myself.
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