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  1. Snow gone by Dungannon. P.S. how stained glass windowing slow does the bus go from Omagh to Belfast. Would be in Belfast already if I was in the car!!
  2. A skift of snow in Omagh this morning. More up at home I heard. Busing it to work today in Belfast and here's the scene a few miles out of town.
  3. It was snowing earlier but much more sleety in the last shower. Hopefully that sh*t sorts itself out quickly haha
  4. I'm actually down in Omagh tonight. It's back to sleetyness rain here!! Wish I was in the Lough at 200m asl!!
  5. Nice one Steve. Already snowing here in Omagh town. Ground very wet at the minute. Hopefully we'll get ice forming between showers to help it lay quicker!
  6. Cloud breaking up now from the NW. Hopefully the freeze sets in quickly to allow snow to settle quickly. Heavy snow shower in Omagh from the last embers of that front. Hoping these two troughs moving in overnight give a good dumping. This is the fax chart for 9pm tonight. Edit: dew points should be no problem overnight. This is for 3am. .
  7. What's not to love about the latest euro4 update. Ulster says "Yes" *in my finest Ian Paisley voice" Haha
  8. Where are you @StormyWeather28?
  9. Looking ahead, next weekend could be very interesting.
  10. @mountain shadow, yeah looks like sleety area is getting smaller. Maybe a touch of wintriness on the leading edge for higher ground. Hoping the beefy showers pick up quickly after main front pushes through.
  11. Would @bluearmy or anyone else have time to give a quick explanation of a wedge? Am I right in thinking its an increase in application of a high pressure cell that causes the jet to come in on a NW/SE axis causing a PM flow as opposed to full on Greenland block?
  12. Interestingly the radar is already showing a bit of sleetyness as the front moves into the north. Light rain starting here in Omagh. I wonder if higher ground may actually see snow as the front pushes through and the cold further undercuts?
  13. Have to say this is already shaping up to be an excellent thread. None of the bipolar hyperbole of the hunt for cold thread only sensible, balanced and succinct analysis. Great idea that negates the need through dozens of pages of mixed messages.
  14. Light dusting this morning here in Omagh...