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  1. @booferking brilliant way to end the winter if that's it, so cool to experience a proper hours long blizzard! Is your first photo from the golf club?
  2. Very unusual to get such drifting snow over here, we're usually covered in wet NW snow. Really is beautiful out there. Took my youngest 2 out for a play, they last 10 mins before the freeze got to them
  3. Photo doesn't do it justice here but id day this is close to a foot out the front of my house. Going to go out and do a proper measurement after my boiled eggs and toast!
  4. Went outside there and its like a scene from siberia. This might sound silly but its very different snow to our usual north westerlies. Anyway latest observations show over 6 inches in sheltered spots, more in deepest drifts.
  5. Class Pomeroy! It's very rare we get such dry snow, I just took this photo of my next door neighbours back yard where snow has blown clean off sheltered spot and has accumulated in 6 inch drifts around her big plant pots.
  6. This is hilarious and some ways comforting as I always thought I was a bit too wrapped up in the weather but lads like that make me feel a bit more normal
  7. I'm right in that orange zone! BTW, who runs that page? Is it just an amateur operation for a hobby?
  8. Have to get the dodgy ruler that starts at 4 inches
  9. Very heavy precipitation moving up through Mayo now, appears to be moving N and E so Donegal and NW may get some action from this? Intensity appears be be reducing further east though.
  10. On an unrelated note, are any of you guys into droning (not on and on about the weather)? I took the plunge and got this coming this afternoon. Looks like an amazing piece of kit for its size. Hopefully get some good snow pics and vids on Saturday!
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