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  1. I'd take rain and 10 degrees over the potential tanned pics haha!
  2. Really starting to clear up now though. With wind changing to SE we are in prime position to avoid the low cloud moving in from the continent whilst still being lovely and warm. I've no desire for 30°C so a week of sunny, low to mid twenties weather sounds deadly. Can't wait!
  3. Looks like central Monaghan is getting hammered. I think the main low is looking better than expected for mkre northern areas. Come on baby, you can do it!!
  4. That's more like it, Omagh getting pummelled now. We've a really light snow all day but intensity really picked up now. Streamer has lost steam in the southern corridor of Ulster and transferred to central/northern UIster.
  5. Lads, forget the BBC/Met office etc, the only model to pay attention to is the mighty GEM...it's showing heavy snow for over 24hrs for all of Ireland! As was mentioned a day or two ago...UPPAGEM!
  6. Our luck had to run out sometime @booferking haha!!
  7. Just saw that, something to look forward to if it happens. hopefully it maintains it's intensity as it moves north. Areas in the south of Ireland have intense snowfall for nearly 24 hours, going to be epic there!
  8. Excuse the poor video skills but I just took this from my office window. Had to come back inside to zoom in and see the drifting snow better. This streamer has been excellent!
  9. Anybody else under the streamer running through the middle of the country? It's snowing in Omagh this past hour and more on the way!
  10. That streamer still producing the goods here in Omagh, lovely heavy snow outside now.
  11. Any videos guys? Radar looks epic around the Edinburgh area!
  12. Lovely line of streamers coming straight at Omagh now. I'd say the M1 would be dodge enough now. Very heavy precip showing over the A5 from Ballygawley to Omagh, too.
  13. The radar is absolutely fascinating at the minute, for some reason showers are only starting/building when they pass lough Neagh.
  14. Check out the radar, showers are now developing over land. Large bank of heavy clouds moving into Omagh now. Streamer looks to be pushing north on east coast too, you guys should see some action soon!!
  15. Getting hammered by this streamer, good 2cm on the ground now.