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  1. Great surprise. Absolutely chucking it down here!!! Already a cm or 2 layer everywhere
  2. Is it just me or has the movement North slowed down significantly? Just 10 miles south of Omagh haha!! Would be interesting to see what is falling in Enniskillen area. Any reports of snow in other areas of Ireland?
  3. Haha @Sparky72 has to be done. Sitting at my office desk struggling to get motivated to do work. Doesn't help with this front approaching! To be fair, if you run through the radar sequence the intensity of precipitation isn't great. Would be good to squeeze a wee bit more falling snow.
  4. It's still moving north anyway. See radar below from 9.40am to 10.40am. Looks like it will be hitting a Omagh in next half an hour or so. Plus it's a good bit further north on its Western most flank. Am I right in thinking once it stops moving north it will stall and slide SE?
  5. Stole this from another page...Hirlam showing precipitation moving much further north than expected.
  6. Here lads, that front is pushing much farther north than I was expecting. It's already reached Enniskillen and much further north over it's most westerly point in Donegal. How long before it stalls and pivots? If it keeps moving north at it's current rate it could reach me! Keep coming baby!!
  7. Met office just issued new warning for ice into this evening and an increased chance of further wintry showers tomorrow morning. Great wee spell this is! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/warnings#?id=c2155b94-fc6a-4773-80b8-ceeb0c1283c9&details&referrer=app&date=2019-01-30
  8. Good 2-3 inches in loughmacrory. Not as much here in Omagh at work but at least 2-3cms. Heavy shower that hit Derry is just moving in here now!
  9. Omagh in the tunnel of death at the minute but look to NW, there's significant showers forming in the gap that's gave us nothing. Keep the faith my Tyrone Brethren!! Meanwhile, I called with my mate for half an hour in Dromore. The fact they were under a streamer didn't influence my decision at all. Soem difference for 9 miles up the road.
  10. Don't think that streamer is moving in that exact. Direction. Think there's more of a SSE flow so it won't all trail over Fermanagh. Looks great all the same!
  11. Looks like the line of showers moving in from NW is holding (if not strengthening) it's intensity as it moves inland
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