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  1. @Weegaz what was the site that let you see radar further out into Atlantic? Be interesting to see that.
  2. Looking very beefy out to our west now. Showers almost moving directly west to east.
  3. I stayed awake til 12.45am but gave up as there was no sign of wintriness at all. Woke to find a significant fall in the early hours. Really surprised!
  4. Haven't been looking too much at charts recently and have only caught up with this snow risk for Sunday into Monday. Looks good for me! Had a boat at the GFS ens for 12z and its not often you see snow risk for every single time frame from beginning to end!!
  5. Whoa! That escalated quickly, full on Blizzard here now
  6. Disappointing that it is more sleety for me here now than earlier. Was actually raining a while ago. Need a temps to drop a degree of two more.
  7. Been off the radar last few days. Had our football club's dinner danceon Saturday night and was hardly fit to lift my head off the pillow all day yesterday. My body can't handle the drink at all these days!! Very heavy streamer has just pushed through there and we have a covering. Looking really good for next two days!
  8. This rain is biblical. Could be serious issues with flooding tomorrow.
  9. No sign of anything white here last night. Just back in the door from u6 football coaching and wind starting to pick up out there. Going to be a fascinating 4 days weather ahead!!
  10. Cheers Steve. This set up reminds me of January 18th/19th 2018 when we got epic snowfall. Here's the chart from then and next Monday. Looks very similar to me, however, I could be way off the mark!!
  11. Not too often you see this, 100% chance of snow from Monday through to Wednesday in Omagh on the GFS ens!
  12. Odd the way the warning is so abrupt through centre of NI. I wonder if this is due to wind risk more than snow risk?
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