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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    100% agree, this past hour has seen a significant increase in wind speed in our area. Damage now being done to trees and next door neighbour's shed roof has partially blown off.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Reports of a 13 year old girl missing in Co Cork. Was dropped off on Cobh ferry and hasn't been seen since. Hopefully she is found safe and well. Still relatively calm here in the North. Due to pick up in the coming hours.
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Looking pretty intense now. Email has just come out from our head office for all staff to leave work at midday!
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Just been out and weather proofed the garden, kids toys all in the garage, trampoline secured and football nets dismantled. I live more or less in the centre of Ulster so should escape the worst of the winds on the S/E coasts, however, I'm only 50 or so miles east of the projected path of the eye late Sunday evening so should get interesting. Really hope people round the country are paying attention to the warnings and avoid doing silly things. I've been flat out sending out weather updates on my Facebook profile, getting plenty of stick from my mates but worth it! Looking forward to an epic storm so long as everyone stays as safe as possible. Will try and stick up some YouTube links of footage tomorrow afternoon/evening. Thanks to all the contributors here these past few days, I've picked up some really interesting stuff.
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Absolutely surreal, isn't it?
  6. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Returning from my summer slumber, could be a really interesting day on Monday. Looking forward to it!
  7. The 12z ECM looks to be sending Orphelia right up the centre of Ireland and more potent compared to the GFS. Would this be a fair assessment?
  8. 0z has the eye clipping the West coast of Ireland although it appears to be a more intense storm. SW would appear to take the brunt of the wind. What sort of gusts would you expect from this system?
  9. 18z has the storm slightly further west and not as intense to my untrained eye.
  10. It's all about perspective 40*C, I'd gladly take your 20°C instead of our mid to high teen cloudfest in NW Ireland!!
  11. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Really starting to lay well here, very heavy snow now for 25 mins. The showers are moving up from the SWW which, I find, tend to have more intensity than showers from the NW. Could be nice in the morning.
  12. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Back again guys, thought the winter funder was well and truly finished for the season! Snowing heavy here and laying on grass and cars. Hopefully have a nice covering in the morning!
  13. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Snowing here now, temp at 2.2 degrees and dew point 0.8 degrees.
  14. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Looking at that warning and the PPN reminds me a bit of March 2013 when you got absolutely pasted and most in the west saw fcek all!
  15. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Interesting feature setting up now for those in the east...already turning wintry on the western flank and whether warning has the S word in for later this evening. MS you could be well placed with a bit of elevation in Carryduff.