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  1. Really starting to lay well here, very heavy snow now for 25 mins. The showers are moving up from the SWW which, I find, tend to have more intensity than showers from the NW. Could be nice in the morning.
  2. Back again guys, thought the winter funder was well and truly finished for the season! Snowing heavy here and laying on grass and cars. Hopefully have a nice covering in the morning!
  3. Snowing here now, temp at 2.2 degrees and dew point 0.8 degrees.
  4. Looking at that warning and the PPN reminds me a bit of March 2013 when you got absolutely pasted and most in the west saw fcek all!
  5. Interesting feature setting up now for those in the east...already turning wintry on the western flank and whether warning has the S word in for later this evening. MS you could be well placed with a bit of elevation in Carryduff.
  6. That large wedge of PPN in Northern Scotland does appear to be heading our way, it'seems filling out towards the west rather than moving down the east coast of Britain.
  7. @mountain shadow looks tasty!
  8. I have hit the jackpot, in the best place possible for that latest band of snow. Heaviest I've seen in a long time. Good 5cm on grass now!! Here's a video from 25 mins ago.
  9. Snow is coming down well in Omagh now, can no longer see the Sperrins as they are in white out!
  10. Haha wouldn't you know, that intense shower completely disintegrated as soon as it hit the border!!
  11. You appear to be right on the northern flank of it so maybe PPN not as intense, you look like you'll do better out of the showers following directly behind.
  12. ...and here is a pic of that large shower structure moving directly towards Omagh. Should hit here in 20 mins or so. Looks to be nice beefy showers lining up behind it too looking at the radar.
  13. Bit more bite to the showers moving in from the NW now...
  14. This is more like it, hefty shower incoming from the NW. Really hope that we get something more this evening.