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  1. good sign of a colder phase now - see where the chart showing near 0 m/s - thats stratosphere- and now it has the effect into the living-levels
  2. yes any is seen into late febr/start march
  3. winter /spring/summer/autumn is all in the air ?
  4. the only way to have a lucky situation to cold weather is what was seen in the strato first week (minor warming+displacement) of febr and the MJO now =Atlantic Blocking
  5. Maybe to what the charts shows a downtrend in AO last week febr
  6. its like the outcome of this strato-position (we had at the start of febr) to end of febr on the 500Hpa charts
  7. after the strato dip it can be helpfull now MJO 7 to see a westerlies stop....(for a while)
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