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  1. It is nice to have sunshine but frosty nights as looks likely over the next few days. Not a fan of the very mild temps this week its abnormal and crazy, only in the UK is 18 degrees likely in feb !!. Still hoping for one last cold, snowy blast next month though.
  2. It amazes me the Met forecast mild wet weather days away and it usually comes true every time without fail yet cold or snow and it's a mess or wrong, British weather eh 🙄
  3. Underwhelming really with an easterly. In Leeds the showers lacked intensity it's been bitterly cold but otherwise boring. We had more snow the week before about 10cm .
  4. Not even a snowy breakdown to enjoy. The Met overplayed it . At least the mild spell now looks dry which should be good for everywhere. We dont need more rain
  5. Agreed. In Leeds it was disappointing all week it's just been bitter, boring really.
  6. Same as Leeds, very disappointed this time round just bitter .
  7. This cold spell has been very underwhelming in Leeds. Yes it's cold but barely any snow and with an easterly that's frustrating. The weekend it goes with a whimper then mild and wet lol 🙄
  8. Northerlies dont do much just run down the north sea these days and last a couple of days.
  9. As a cold, snowy fan I hate the outlook over the next week or so. Looking likely mild, drab sw will blow in with more rain. In Leeds it's been cold but just very wet over the last few days. As I get older the drab winters annoy me more, anyone else the same?.
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