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  1. Already seen sleet out here this morning in heavier PPN, Hartside described as slushy, bring on round 2⛄️?
  2. Aye the beast is on her way, made a real pig of herself
  3. I think in the last hour they have started heading North, very slight veering of the winds to a more SEasterly, those showers to our South seem to be heading North., Not that we need any more here, were snowed in and it looks like Sat at the earliest to escape
  4. Yes Newcastle about to get a heavy one, lightning strikes showing up on NW radar, wind definately backed a bit more easterly, plenty more out in the North Sea
  5. Right over us now. Whiteout, take care out there I think were going to need a biger shovel
  6. Not going to be a nice rush hour doon the toon Looks what incoming
  7. I hope you got supplies in TVS Allenheads could be cur off for a day or 3 this weekWhen the wind picks up
  8. Doubled in size in the last hour Budle Bay turning white soon
  9. Dont under estimate the powers of convection and instability. That wadge of light snow off the Northumberland coast right now was a mere twinkle in our eyes 4 hours ago off Dundee. Check out the big boy behind it.
  10. Internet age is great, I used to stand outside looking North or East or at lamp post and only come in at 5 to the hour to listen to the forecast Enjoy the snow. 63 and counting
  11. Exactly, keep your eyes on the Net Wx radar that shower activity starting up 100 miles East of Dundee. Heading our way
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