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    near appleby in Westmoorland. cumbria
  1. I'm new to this so not sure what it is? Will check. Good covering of snow last nite on top of ice. It's snowing again now with a breeze.
  2. Yeah it's great up there used to live near there and my horses where stabled next to the pub. Enjoy it!! great for weather watching, plane spotting and just a breath of fresh air.. and sledging whilst dog walking.Hope you get loads of the white stuff.
  3. Snowing here. . Big fat flakes and sticking fast. Gritters dont come to our village so it will be help yourself to the grit bin in the morning.. sorry to everyone else who wants snow.
  4. "Hi "robbo88" good dog walks near you. Brabyns park marple bridge,longendale trail, hadfield.The canal at woodley leading to romiley then goes onto marple locks. Charlesworth has loads aswel go up past the Gray mare pub. Up the hill and park on left walk is on the right.Another one is The trail up to the monument at gee cross used to be a pub at the end but was closed Down. Shame That's good dry walk next to golf coarse. The reservoirs at hadfield. Or bit further Lyme park. Fantastic place. Could probably think of some more if I really tried. All within quick driving distance and good spots
  5. Well the school run took 2 hrs round trip..!! Plenty of snow here. Melted and now heavy snow again. Are we expecting more ? I looked at bbc weather and it said Sun.?
  6. Heavy snow and hail here for 10 mins at 6am. Covered the road. Made it slippy. Mucked my horses out set off for home again. Roads clear!! It just vanished. Don't mind too much as got the school run next over the fells.. but please snow over the weekend. My hubby is home with his 4x4.
  7. Hmmm. We've got cold rain. Did get a snow shower yesterday for 20 mins then just stopped and the wind blew the the clouds over towards the Durham hills.
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