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  1. Aaaaand the yellow and greens split over me, can’t make it Up
  2. I have yet to experience a yellow blob snow shower
  3. These showers just aren’t heavy enough to settle
  4. Showers lose so much intensity as they get to Leicestershire
  5. Looks like they’re going slightly north as well directly through Leicester
  6. Finally my first proper snow shower in like 6 hours
  7. I say bring on summer now, get most of of the population vaccinated and cases down and get pubs open again so we can enjoy ourselves again!!
  8. What’s Saturday looking like, I know it’ll change etc etc but what’s the general trend/consensus?
  9. Yeah it’s all well and good showers building to the east, but they’re still on that same track
  10. Tbf I even think north Leicester did better with that, like around syston/thurmaston area
  11. These showers are so agonisingly close to me by literally 3-4 miles
  12. Seems like oadby/wigston is the area to be in Leicester
  13. Probably the heaviest snow I’ve ever seen in my life
  14. Now it’s turned to snow but it’s too late now, West mids will get the lot
  15. How is it still sleet here but everywhere else is snow now, arghhhh I hate Leicester
  16. Back to light rain here with the odd flakes mixed in. lol even in an early easterly the west mids are probs going to do better than the east mids. West mids 100-1 East mids
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