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  1. Just a slushy sleet fest here, disappointed but not surprised. Oh well back to bed
  2. Reading and central southern england have been getting hammered for the whole day
  3. Left a little dusting here, moderate to heavy snow for like 7-8 minutes lol
  4. It's leaving a covering here, what about your side of leices and @shaky?
  5. Moderate to heavy snow here now in Leicester forest east, settling too
  6. Also that band doesn't seem like decaying in the south, just keeps lingering around
  7. I finally have a little bit of light snow that is visible through the lampost
  8. You're in east loughborough, you have that huge blob over you!! Lucky
  9. How is that heavy precip still lingering around the South East??
  10. The South gets a bit of snow and it's all over the news ??
  11. You know what is frustrating, I came back home to Leicester a few days ago from my uni in hertfordshire as back then it was looking like midlands was the sweet spot...now the london area seems to be doing good out of this ??
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