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  1. Anyone like to think of a number 1-49 not including 2 lol.
  2. What's that got to do with storm conditions? No offence but. Considering the severity of weather expected. Blimey!
  3. 200kts+ tailwinds do help when travelling at over 450kts. Not quite so appealing when moving east to west Appreciate the updates Liam, not least live and direct reports. Ever thought of moving nearer Stornaway lol.
  4. Beautifully sunny afternoon,gentle breeze,even a touch of warmth from the sun making it feel almost springlike? May see a 15c somewhere in the south tomorrow.

    1. karyo


      We are once again moving from autumn to spring.

    2. Eugene


      And back to winter next week

    3. lassie23


      spring has already sprung in my back garden

  5. Really will be a case of cancelling or re arranging all none essential journeys, during the worst anyway. Maybe get in a few extras bits in the larder beforehand, not panic buy mind! Here's hoping a healthy dose of common sense prevails, which I'm sure the vast majority will take heed of. Good to have members in all corners of the country if I'm honest. All reports welcomed.
  6. Five volunteers required? First five to post up one number between 1-49 inclusive, different numbers of course. Think the rules are straightforward enough. Interesting to see how many are drawn on any one of the lotto draws coming shortly lol. Naturally, I will begin with mine. 2
  7. Yes, ouch! Can only imagine chatter amongst the Scandinavian forecasters and alike..
  8. As I mentioned earlier on, amber alerts now in force for the far NW. Gusts nudging 100mph could warrant a red perhaps nearer the time or should the need arise. Admittadily an area quite used to ferocious gales and storms, where the focus for the next batch of disturbed weather continues for now. Next week still throwing up several more deep lows to potentially slam in, riding on a supercharged jet stream, no doubt more on those as time progresses. Fair to say plenty to be keeping watch on for the next few days and beyond.
  9. For lovers of more extreme conditions,a cottage on the west Hebridean coastline during next weekend should come up trumps.Looking very nasty for some still.

    1. lassie23


      any downgrades yet

  10. Loud humming sounds? Worldwide? Could you please provide some links or back up to your assumptions Cheese. Genuine question as I'm intrigued.
  11. Altogether now! Actually that makes perfect sense lol. Stuff the cruddy weather, feel sorry for some folk who tie the knot in allegedly the warmer months and get a big shock..at least six inches of snow could be memorable for all the right reasons. Drizzle, mild westerlies or south westerlies and or boring gunk far from it Lauren says it all. Off to kip now lol. Or prop up a bar. Both?
  12. Know exactly what you're saying, my point remains both are still up for debate as to accuracy, strength, actual track etc etc. - until we pin down the first potential storm the second is pardon the pun, still pretty much in second place. I think the second possible low shall perhaps or more than likely be discussed (no surprises) during next weekends episode or nearer the time? Does bring back a few reminders to some points last year and given the latest, no escaping that and in my humblest opinion. Plenty more to watch out for as the next phase of Winter 2014/15 beckons.
  13. Thanks for clearing that up though, cheers.
  14. Can't see why at the moment, as both are still up for further analysis. Potential room remains for plenty more chopping and changing yet nothing to say upgrades may supersede downgrades. Let's give it until Sunday PM at least.
  15. Think isobars think bars...of a more isometric nature not those bars!
  16. Must be one heck of a loud boom or should it also get detected in Kent. Interesting thread though.
  17. Plenty to firm upon jesting aside, one period possibly two to keep tabs on at least for now. More than enough I would think and should some colder air enter the mix (thinking 15th again) adding to a more wintry spell to boot.
  18. My guess 8 million would soon disappear here. http://www.jamesedition.com/ At least there's a good chance that your choice of propulsion will be if not a bit expensive, efficient and able enough to get you from A to B in relative luxury. Or telling the time takes on a new dimension. Good website has to be said.
  19. Good quality single malt, no ice, tiniest drop of bottled spring water just to soften the edge. Burns night looming large.
  20. We cannot dismiss the idea that even one of the predicted storms possibly takes a slightly more southerly route. As for the predicted monster for around the 15th, a fair old beast on par to 1987 I would imagine. Obviously a lot can change until then and probably will, we've only got this weekend to get out of the way first. Given the prognosis by some for around mid month, this weekend may well just be a leaf rustler. Nonetheless the jet is steaming ahead regardless, it sure ain't going to be too bothered of what (or who) gets in its way. Interesting times ahead if not a rather precarious one for forecasters trying to paint an accurate picture, without causing unnecessary panic. At this stage anyway. Cheers.
  21. Has the postie seen them lol
  22. Not something you see every day. I guess taking them for walkies is out of the question lol. (Those who aren't overly keen on Arachnids best not click below!) http://24.media.tumblr.com/32f05d58ca5ff92d3d22fe0cee70dcac/tumblr_motf46fgMw1s58rrgo1_500.gif
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