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  1. Started as rain then turned to sleet. Heavier bursts falling as snow but then back to rain mostly. Even if it snowed it wouldn't settle as it's too wet. Nice to see it though!!
  2. can't see me getting any snow any time soon! (I'm not any expert, I just have a feeling )
  3. Had some snow here but was too wet from the rain I'd had earlier didn't lay much.
  4. Had a quick snow shower at around 10:30? Then it stopped, then it snowed again around 11 then was just raining. Now it's quite cloudy.
  5. Aw thats a shame I love it when the schools close! Snow brings so much joy.
  6. So happy to see some snow on the forecast. Met office says light snow 4-7 and then 7-8 heavy snow. I wonder how accurate it is. Do you think they'll be enough snow for the schools to have to close?
  7. Looking at map I'm just missing it, needs to come West for me? I don't even know! I'm new to this and have never really looked at the maps/radars/charts,
  8. Sad. Doubt there is going to be any snow for me tonight. Looking at radar (never really looked at these before), if I'm looking at it correctly there could be some sleet/snow coming towards Gillingham area?
  9. Not the best with looking at the radar maps and the other stuff, but seems to me that everything is happening both sides of me! You never know it could both come together and I'll get everything that's happening either side of me, all in one..
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