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  1. Have faith. The heavier stuff is on route. Id say around midday we could be seeing some decent falls around here. Fingers crossed ?
  2. Im in Glasgow and can report light snow flurries falling for past few hours and looking towards Northern Ireland it seems good part of Central belt could be in for a pasring. Could get nasty around here midday onwards. Have a good day
  3. Light flurries here in Barrhead, Glasgow. Ps: The birds are flying in the southerly direction ? could be a good day. ?
  4. Not seen the Radar like this for years. The only 'BLUE' is me ????? May it last, May it last ?
  5. If i looked at this Radar without knowing it is an Easterly. Then wow what a NWesterly. (Cheshire Gap Streamer Reversal) Live In Brum but Currently In Glasgow with 7 Inches Settled already with maybe another 5/6 to come. Beautiful. I am watching my home carefully Hope Thursday Night/Fri smashes the whole Midlands Hard! Enjoy it all. ???? PS: Mr Snowman Pics over the weekend.
  6. Barrhead Glasgow Going Strong Over 2 Inches Currently. All Covered. Main Road Standstill. ? The Last Fall For Sometime ?
  7. Barrhead G78 Still Going. Radar Looks really intense out west if it doesn't change to rain that is ? VID-20180121-WA0008.mp4
  8. I agree. On these such setups I have seen many short term changes (In favour). Forums r Buzzing. Something tis a brewing this winter.
  9. To be fair i'll take anything in the 'Shades Of Blue' I Have not forgotten the last few winters! A Decent winter this already and long it may last. ??
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