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  1. There loads of bangs now going off one after the other not as loud but loads of them never heard them in the day b4
  2. Tyldesley, its inbetween Wigan and Salford if that makes sense People i know on Facebook heard it and they are 10 miles away
  3. Seems like people hear them all over the world but nothing gets said about it seems very strange to me. Im in manchester uk where areyou?
  4. No its not thunder well notlike i heard it b4 its short loud bangs like a gun shot or a fire work
  5. Hi I am new to this forum hope you all are well, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these loud boom noises at night they sound like fire works but louder and only ever 1 apart from last month where there was 3 in a row. Was hoping someone has a real explanation for them. Thanks Lee
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