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  1. Currently snowing here with hail Bitterly cold too Feeling colder than February.
  2. Quite a mild winter up here all in all first winter in 20 years I've not seen a snow drift on the tops. Not going to see one anytime soon either.. Here's hoping the mild weather will progress into a warm summer. The charts this winter have not been great imo . It's been a bit like buying a top shelf mag With blank pages .
  3. I hope we don't get any cold weather now. I'm enjoying been out in the garden with a tee shirt on . I'd rather wait till December and chase the 10 day charts again.
  4. Daffodils are coming up in my garden buds on the tree's. I think were in for another nice spring and another hot summer I went for a walk down the country lane earlier it actually felt pleasantly warm in the sun... I have wrote this winter off and put it down to experience. Even if we get a cold spell mid march it won't last long.
  5. Whens the Hunt for a warm spring thread roll out Start it on Friday for me.
  6. Its going to be known as BBQ feb at this rate.
  7. I think its different this time with the SSW before they was no high pressure in place when the SSW was effective on the 22nd of December 18. to our East this time there is high pressure to our East. I think high pressure to our East is a big player when it comes to the SSW and increasing its effects. If the current models project an easterly another beast is possible with lots of snow and with cold breaking temps. I think this winter will end with memories for lots of us.
  8. I was wondering how long it would take. Also does it help having a high pressure in place to enhance the effect of the SSW..
  9. There's a weather warning and chance it might turn to heavy sleet lol
  10. At least I'll have some black ice to look forward to on my way home from work in the early hours The met office should get that right at least. I'll warn my insurance company now.
  11. Thats my hat and gloves back in the wardrobe until next winter Roll on summer.
  12. More chance of getting flooded than snowed in .lol
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