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  1. You'll have to go to the pub instead
  2. Hail and sleet now. 2.oC
  3. Just seems a little ott for my area it's nothing more than a band of moderate rain gusty winds and 3.oC. I've had worse weather here with no warning. It's just my observation and opinion I'm sure you respect that.
  4. Light rain here temps rising. Just a normal mid December night What's all the fuss and met office hype.
  5. Save me some bread and milk then
  6. I might nip to Malton later to Morrison's for some bits and pieces can't get much from Pickering really. Even though it's nearer for me.
  7. Freezing rain is treacherous My area never sees a Gritter we have to manage local farmers plough excessive snow. I suppose its what i get I've chosen to live here. Its usually January when we get the worst of the weather Never get much snow before Xmas Exceptions been 1991 1995 2009 10.
  8. Are you in North Yorkshire.
  9. Yes that area more remote than Goathland I have no central heating and no double glazing just log and coal fires that heat hot water on a back boiler system But i have a large bottle of Dark Rum.
  10. Local BBC Radio warning of heavy snow around 2pm here. As dark approches expect temperatures to drop Within 1 hour from now most of Yorkshire will see some form of precipitation rain sleet snow Black ice. The wind up here is evil it feels colder than the beast from the East in February
  11. 0.oC here 434ft asl bitting wind Winds increasing here No rain sleet or snow yet Heading out to do home visits soon In Subaru outback AWD with winter tyres on Should be ok.
  12. Enjoy your festive shopping and festive parties a crisp xmas eve With occasional snow showers filtering well inland Stoke up the log fire xmas day and have that extra brandy Its going to be a white one
  13. I'll take the risk My mother did. I agree I'd like to see how accurate this potential cold spell is.
  14. Looking forward to the 12z Frosty Do you think this thread will get renamed in the near future To Hunt for Xmas cold. Lots of difference between the 00z and chiefly the 06z And now winter Hazards in the Met forecast.
  15. He's queuing at ASDA for a sledge Then nipping to the bookies on the way home Should be back in time for the 12z.