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  1. If this was to pull off for later next week it's quite a cold brisk NNE airflow with heavy snow showers.
  2. The chart taken from the tonight's 18z for next Thursday seems to be a theme to a north Easterly in a reasonable time frame high pressure blocking to the west mid Atlantic. This significantly increasing the chances of a prolonged northerly or north Easterly . Trend for this has been showing all week.
  3. Awaiting 18z may have another bout of snow mid week and beyond. Jet stream quite far south on the ecm
  4. In some European countries it's a legal requirement. Stay safe over the next few days.
  5. I Agree. And also it comes down to how some vehicles are ill equipped to deal with snow and ice. The tyres on any vehicle are the first point of contact with the road. It doesn't matter how much your car is worth whether it's a Rolls Royce or a Ford Focus . Winter tyres are the ultimate concept for any vehicle. I invite anyone to watch youtube videos on winter tyres. You put 4 winter tyres on a 4 wheels regardless of drive train. Ie .front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Or 4 wheel drive. It makes the difference between life and death. Or having a accident or not Getting stuck or not. They might cost between £300 and £400. New but you put them on in November and take them off in April. Back to your all season tyres. But what price do you put on your life or family life.
  6. Another cold snap ecm at T+240 hrs.
  7. It's maybe time for the Red Cross Or the Army To help." people have a real risk of hypothermia setting in if there car runs out of fuel. Very serious situation developing indeed.
  8. Nice chart my radar is having loading problems due to high demand.
  9. It's good fun imo . It's just as important to have the right tyres to my scooby is running on Goodyear Alpine Grip on all four corners.
  10. I've been caught lol
  11. I'm thinking of buying a forester for next winter looking for a petrol one around 62plate around 45,000miles
  12. My subaru here about to challenge a 2ft snow drift. For the record it manages it no problem.lol Are we all ready for another Easterly blast next week from the north east this time our turn for an amber warning Just been greedy really lol.. Enjoy folks anyone wants advice on subaru cars message me I've had Subaru's 23 years.
  13. The road near my house my subaru winter car with winter tyres Anyone thinkingof a 4x4 buy subaru Driving in snow drifts all day never got stuck. Who needs a £50,000 Range Rover .
  14. North Easterly s always good here good post.
  15. How far north do we think. All my radar contacts have crashed due to overload