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  1. Runs all over the place after T+240hrs. As to be expected. A late snowy period shouldn't be ruled out. March could well be cold . I'm out camping in my 4x4 camper next weekend hoping for a bit of snow at 500m ASL.
  2. This winter is one for the record surely Oh well only 11 months to wait till November... Let's hope we get a hot summer And no summer northerly winds Soda law we will get snow in May. This is the quietest I've seen this site In a long time...
  3. I'm trying to remember a winter like this one for the UK...regarding temperature and lack of snow. Let's hope we get a nice spring and summer... The spring bulbs are poking through in my garden and the grass needs a trim.
  4. I have this feeling its going to be a snowless winter for many. I hope I'm wrong.. sorry folks just don't see anything special. Let's hope we get a decent summer from it... and not raging northerly winds in July.
  5. I'm hoping for the goodest bestest goodest bestest goodest goodest Rainfall totals on record ever I want my house to be flooded on Christmas day with the Christmas Turkey floating in raw sewage Come on T+400 hr .. I want more rain 350mm in 6 hours please . Gale force winds to rip off the Antique Welsh slate of my roof too why not. Let's have a proper Christmas A big thanks goes out to all those responsible for climate change well done I'm privileged and honoured to live amongst mankind. I'm just in my local woods with a torch Picking only the b
  6. 2cm covering here with black ice Snow blowing around in a gusty wind 1.oC.. bitter in the wind. Check out the 00z for Christmas day Maybe onto a winner..
  7. Maybe just maybe some snow for Christmas day 00z GFS T+240hr. Even if we don't get snow it should be cold and frosty xmas morning. Nail biting times. Might have a fiver at the bookies this year.
  8. We seem to be stuck in this westerly flow for a while now. Cool wet weather I'd rather it be mild and sunny Roll on spring summer
  9. Good evening. I know that this is in the wrong thread. But I'm using a smartphone to view this site as I'm working. And I keep getting a I accept message every page I look at on this site. Does anyone know how to disable it from a smartphone. Mods please can you help in anyway And move this message accordingly I didn't know which thread to use With this restriction popping up Thank you for your help and advice Steve ... sorepaw
  10. Thank you Jordan that's a massive help thanks I really value your posts on this site. The importance of a good forecast is vital for me I live very remote and visit patients for the NHS again in rural communities I get around in a 4x4 that's not a problem but in winter I have to plan my journeys to a point. Any crucial weather warnings are taken with great importance. Thank you for your help and advice and that goes for everyone Who can keep me updated through the winter months. Regards Steve... sorepaw
  11. Is this up and coming cold spell on or off Trying to find a forecast on here rather than using the BBC. BBC say cold weather with snow showers in the north and east later next week Not seen a post on here yet suggesting that . Can someone point me in the right direction please thanks in advance for your time.
  12. I don't think I'm on the same wavelength I'm struggling to see snow GFS 18z for next Tuesday looks wet and cool . I aren't getting excited about that. It's more of a westerly flow next week isn't it.. As I say . I'm sure someone will put me right if I'm wrong ..
  13. It's getting a bit messy this thread tonight. I'm struggling to understand some of the posts and relevance A picture of a chart with a 2 word description that's not helping me and others understand And the handbag swinging .
  14. Just woke up after too many Stella's last night I went out with the 18z. And ended up back at mine . Nothing went on I'm married. Nice to see the 00z showing colder weather granted it's 10 days. Less cold weather before that though as the high slips east. Drawing a milder westerly air flow . I think by the 10th most of the UK will be seeing some snow showers. Mainly the North. East and south Eastern areas seeing the frequency of the showers.
  15. Tonight's 18z spins up this. But before this at T+240 hrs or 10 days We may have to encounter a cool westerly air flow . Maybe we could have a fair bit of cold snowy weather Or maybe a westerly flow for a bit longer I'd put this months wage on a cold snowy outlook. Massive model and data watching coming up
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