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  1. It's all been absorbed by Devon and Cornwall surprisingly. Chaos there.
  2. Same as what i see - we would need it to wrap back around from the east - more over there!
  3. Looks like the pivot has occurred sooner than expected so it's not going as far north - so the front is not coming as far north which is why we have seen such slow progress. Prepare disappointment!.
  4. Not so sure - there isn't a massive amount of intensity there - seems to be having the life sucked out of it
  5. -5.2 °C here - brrrr. Off to work early so can leave early! Are we still looking around 2pm for fun and games to start or is it earlier/later in the progression of the front?
  6. Apparently Arpege not so keen on the snow tomorrow on latest runs and pushing mostly a rain event. The uncertainty will go down to a nowcast but looks like milder air going to be more prominent. JK
  7. Agree with the above on the Met current concentration. If it comes as a high chance of snow, purely based on the dense population in that area - would have a bigger impact. I believe (probably hope) once they get a better handle closer to the time perhaps we will be lucky enough to get an upgrade and a warning appear in other areas further west to the current once. JK
  8. First of this winter - not loads, but some! John Snow 22 01 19.mp4
  9. Here goes, a few flakes starting in Bargoed...... it's close by
  10. Bargoed way - I'll let you know if anything turns up - I doubt it!! John
  11. Don't think there is enough westwards progression before the inevitable push from the high pressure takes it down southwards. Would be nice to get a little more tonight but there is enough here to cause issues getting to work in the morning!
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