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    Football, weather- lots of weather but particularly snow and thunderstorms - Liverpool Football club - YNWA !!
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  1. Mild upper air will gradually descend overnight and slowly increase our temperature
  2. 9:50am and then 10:30am - marked dropped in intensity
  3. Radar showing the intensity dropping as it hits the cold air, be lucky to get anything past midday. JK
  4. Snowing here now - not fine grains either, only light - but it's calm, no wind at moment. JK
  5. Coming in quicker though mild could push in quicker....
  6. I think we all new writing was on the wall for our snow prospects when we lost a couple of opportunities this week, air becoming dry, any snow always moving 'potentially' a few days away. Usual pattern. Matt Hugo tweeted showing the mild coming right in, very mild and wet starting next week and any chance we have of snow literally minimal end of February as any block would have to be frigid or we will always be on wrong side of marginal due to the time of year. JK
  7. Few dissenting voices in South East thread already gloomy with lack of white stuff compared to what they thought was coming. Dry on the whole for us for a few days then we gotta hope mild does not break through.
  8. I see Derek is Tweeting on the line of cold and dry, od shower skirting east Wales - then we get milder mid-week. Never raise hopes from any easterly direction - we just need stronger winds penetrating the showers more in land and kinks in the flow! Alas, not looking good at this moment, perhaps there still time for changes, as I am sure there will be. JK
  9. I think some of the stuff currently around Bristol looks like it could hook to South East Wales and keep going for a while, just need the intensity to keep up with it. JK
  10. Sticking quite readily here up in Gilfach Bargoed.
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