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    Don't usually post under this 'Old' user name. Hence the deliberate low count😁.Owner of weather station for over 25 years recording and logging readings every 30 seconds via computer data link.
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    Extreme. If its heat, cold, wind its fine by me. I have see most.

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  1. Plenty of storms rattling around the Lake District at the moment. Many of the CN clouds getting a helping hand due to the mountains in central Lakes giving that extra lift to help through the Cape. Shame there's seems some rain as these Storms over the mountains can last for many hours with the light winds we have got. But the rain can subdue the uplifts, a bit like putting water on a fire.
  2. Thanks Paul. No , if you trust your reading of the charts, slowly take time and be honest with yourself, you can see what the models indicate across the board. No extreme variants (quite windy up North for 36 hrs). Keeping it simple, high pressure does return quickly with high 850's , therefore not conductive of snow, therefor dry and faux cold weather after boxing day once the winds drop. Up north, Northern England + , high level 300 m, yes snow good probability in late Christmas evening - boxing day period. Scotland no probs. I'm so old , hard to post charts, perhaps younger members can do this for me. I'll try in future, sorry for any offence,
  3. Here is my latest take on things. Windy till Sunday the 25st. Colder weather will follow till new year (surface cold for 5 days, with mild 850's then a northerly wind which I know will bring quite cold uppers and snow showers to the north even low levels. No need to post outputs, its plain to see.
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