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  1. Snowing down to East coast here, albeit of the wet variety. The afternoon felt lovely and warm too. Did not expect anything wintry, even though knew there was a brief colder spell this weekend.
  2. Very true. In direct sunlight snow acts as a reflector of heat radiation. Surface temperature and dew points have a much bigger impact.
  3. On drive to Cairn Wood on Craigantlet, excuse the singing. Few other pics and videos also. Melting here now, nearly gone at coast. Few spots of drizzle. Now for a hot cuppa, pizza and then work. VID_20210213_113316.mp4 VID_20210213_113545.mp4 VID_20210213_113316.mp4 VID_20210213_114220.mp4
  4. Time for a scoot to the local hill for some pics and vids. I'll post up.
  5. And we have go, everything turning white in literally seconds here. Footpaths and roads included.
  6. I have to say, it is quite rare for frontal snow here in Bangor, but that is twice this winter so far we have had some.
  7. Just to show how bad meto can be, they are showing light rain for my area now until 11am, yet it is moderate snow.
  8. Still snowing light and it has left the ground wet. Hoping it doesn't turn into a slush fest.
  9. I'll definitely need to stay safe tonight if it is still lying. Have deliveries for the local indian restaurant.
  10. snow sand? Must have been caught up in winds from the Sahara .
  11. Suppose I may get up, go get some milk and put petrol in the car. The green is getting too close on the Eastern edge for my liking.
  12. Wee line of showers pushing up the Irish Sea I am also watching.
  13. Frosty used to torture me with 1 million questions all the time lol. Then when he didn't get snow he cracked up, badly
  14. The only issue for me is being right on the East coast. Worried it'll just be the sleet/freezing rain option here. Can always jump in the car and drive inland a little though.
  15. I hate the graphics the BBC use. Because they include cloud cover it can be easy to confuse what is snow with cloud cover and vice versa.
  16. Only because they haven't been potent enough, there has never been a good cold pool to the North this winter. Plus I think sea temperatures are a little above average this winter.
  17. That's the height of it. Meto was waiting on firming up and has amended their forecasts accordingly now. Any snow seen from the initial band will barely reach here in the NE and it looks like showers (of which I have had practically zilch) will begin receding through the day as winds swing more NE. Total bust for here. Never again will I be optimistic for an Easterly. Northerly all the way.
  18. GFS 00Z has the front Thursday/Friday stalling over NI and fizzling out, then another front Monday 15th, again not pushing East, nor the milder air winning out. We then get thrown back into an Easterly for a few days before a Northerly plunge lol.
  19. Just tested the cat out in his new backpack. Ground control to major tomcat.
  20. I don't think it is streamers just yet. May just be high thin clouds unleashing their load as they hit land. Possobility that Downpatrick area is starting to see convection from the sea.
  21. Intensity picking up around the Downpatrick region. Unless it is moderate to heavy in intesity it isn't going to lye. Graupel here melting as it hits surface.
  22. Yep, tiniest flakes/graupel in Bangor, right down to the coast.
  23. The SE regional thread was a right laugh this morning because the precipitation started out as rain. Some members did indeed take it badly and started bad mouthing some of the main MOD posters.
  24. Coldest 850 temps not arrived yet, but looks promising precipitation wise. -10 line doesn't hit our shores until the afternoon, currently around -7 850's.
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