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  1. Feel for me, I've to wear kiltage with pipe band marching in Downpatrick today. Anyone got a nice fuffy pair of nether region warmers?
  2. It's nice, but I hope it doesn't accumulate too much, although doesn't seem to be lying on the roads or pavements here. I have the Pool Interleague to go to, at least its only in Newtownards this year lol
  3. That snow will probably take a good while to melt. Hopefully a slow thaw so no flooding issues.
  4. Anything a week out is questionable, the nature of forecasting. I mean, here's me on the East coast of Northern Ireland and not a flake on the ground. I never expected that to happen with what was forecasted and how the models looked, but it just did.
  5. Not a drop in Bangor (seafront), don't even think it has tried all night. Think its over for me now, too much of an Easterly for me to catch those streamers.
  6. Trying so hard to snow here but, meh. still just outside the streamer. The roads are white....with salt. lol
  7. No more snow here as of yet (I'm right at coast) but other parts of Bangor just 1 mile inland look to be getting constant showers. I have to now brave the cold and go collect a 30inch TV for my wee girls bedroom. It's a 10 min walk away. BRRR!
  8. Winds have straightened the band off again that's hitting Belfast, I'm missing the snow by just 1 or 2 miles since around 5:30am, only have a dusting. I might take the train up to Belfast/Lisburn.
  9. In on the action now. Although isn't snow supposed to fall. It seems to be going upwards. Small, floaty flakes atm. Sounds like a cereal brand....
  10. A Streamer has formed and hitting just 1 mile away from me...sooo close. Just a little movement North.
  11. You're right there, Donegal has seen more "No" than us in an Easterly. Oh my days.
  12. indeed. My 32 year old inner child is sulking at the troposphere. Look at the streamers now kicking in on East coast of England and Scotland though, it has certainly increased dramatically for them today.
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