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  1. I'm sorry but according to our great PM, the kids don't need to self isolate unless someone is showing symptoms. So I don't get whats wrong with a couple of mums out doing some normal shopping with their kids. Maybe the kids have to social distance due to underlying conditions, so they can still go out in less crowded areas but not in a classroom or school with 100's of other kid. Maybe they don't go to that school, maybe their school is shut. Don't be so judgemental.
  2. Yes, I don't get how banding about figures with uncertainty so much in regards to ACTUAL infections can be justified or taken seriously. Do we really believe that only 90,000 people in China had the virus from over a Billion? If the actual figure was double that, the mortality rate halfs, as does the critical rate. Makes such a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
  3. I have precise dates because I messaged someone at the time saying about it, March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The problem is, because I do get anxiety, it is deciphering whether or not the fever was anxiety induced. I am assuming not because my body wouldn't let me sleep even when I went to doze off, it kinda jolted me awake, like a big bump from the chest. I've never had heart problems so ruled that out. During the day these fever symptoms resided and I was working, but at night the fever came back again, most prevalent around 12-3am. The throat was dry and hot all day with a feeling almost of post-nasal drip like a waterfall...but there was none. I also had slight weeziness from deep breathes, but nothing major to hinder breathing. The cough was mainly from the feeling that my throat was clogged (but it wasn't) so nothing was being coughed up, and I also coughed when I felt a weeze from my chest. It is very difficult to say what it was, I rarely get sick at all, this whole winter I have had a common cold that lasted less than 48 hours and that is all. My housemate had also the same thing with the night fever and dry throat. Although we are both much better. Only a slightly dry throat with no cough etc. Probably just inflammed a little still.
  4. I also had something just a couple weeks ago, very dry, hot throat and coughing, headache and a couple nights of fever and sweating, the one that kinda makes you jolt up before you are just about to doze off. I still have remnants of the dry-ish throat but its nothing like it was. I doubt severely that this was the virus, but with the whole mix of severity in symptoms and the lack of a quick test, I'll never know until I catch the real thing (assuming this wasn't it). I don't think I was in contact with anyone who may have had it, but I developed these symptoms after a friend in work was coughing and spluttering without covering mouth for a few days, he had the dry cough and throat, and he had been sick for couple weeks.
  5. Personally I don't get the laxed methods of control. A 2 week max incubation period, plus the time of illness.....for all that period the virus can be spread from the host? So the point of scanning for fever at airports is? Is it still spreading before symptoms or not? In my opinion, it is going to get out of control, because too many people are just fobbing it off as a normal cold/flu. Too many people wandering around coughing and sneezing, not cleaning their hands, not thinking where they have been or caring because they are in the predominant age group of minimal fatalities. So many people can't afford time off work so won't be bothered quarantining, just heading to work anyway, again, thinking it is just a typical sniffles/cold. Also, how many people already have the virus who have not bothered to get tested because their symptoms are mild? You could double or treble the number of cases of people with the virus easily, who have then (for 14 days plus) been spreading it without knowing when, or how they contracted it.
  6. Feel for me, I've to wear kiltage with pipe band marching in Downpatrick today. Anyone got a nice fuffy pair of nether region warmers?
  7. It's nice, but I hope it doesn't accumulate too much, although doesn't seem to be lying on the roads or pavements here. I have the Pool Interleague to go to, at least its only in Newtownards this year lol
  8. That snow will probably take a good while to melt. Hopefully a slow thaw so no flooding issues.
  9. Anything a week out is questionable, the nature of forecasting. I mean, here's me on the East coast of Northern Ireland and not a flake on the ground. I never expected that to happen with what was forecasted and how the models looked, but it just did.
  10. Not a drop in Bangor (seafront), don't even think it has tried all night. Think its over for me now, too much of an Easterly for me to catch those streamers.
  11. Trying so hard to snow here but, meh. still just outside the streamer. The roads are white....with salt. lol
  12. No more snow here as of yet (I'm right at coast) but other parts of Bangor just 1 mile inland look to be getting constant showers. I have to now brave the cold and go collect a 30inch TV for my wee girls bedroom. It's a 10 min walk away. BRRR!
  13. Winds have straightened the band off again that's hitting Belfast, I'm missing the snow by just 1 or 2 miles since around 5:30am, only have a dusting. I might take the train up to Belfast/Lisburn.
  14. In on the action now. Although isn't snow supposed to fall. It seems to be going upwards. Small, floaty flakes atm. Sounds like a cereal brand....
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