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  1. It's best to worry about precipitation 24 hours out. When those colder uppers push in things will change.
  2. It's clearly more than a 50% chance. That is literally a coin toss, which in forecasting terms is a pointless forecast. The ensembles show clearly what the chances are and with 70% or more clustered for deep cold, shouldn't the chances be thus?
  3. Hopefully get the chance to film the great sledge race version 2 (2010), yes that's me and my inner child in the Velux hat lol. 1299738_10153119858240403_64748_n.mp4
  4. Models look great this morning for a decent (exceptional) cold spell, ECM slowest to bring the cold enough uppers in but only by 2 days (Tuesday). They are scary charts. Especially the snow risk charts. Schools could get closed here for a week if not more.
  5. I'm inclined to say the benign sort of spell seems more likely, but things are still not clear and probably won't be until the latter stages of this week as to whether the SSW is going to impact our weather or any HLB easily being shifted by a quick movement/rebuilt of the PV over Greenland.
  6. Hopefully, I am of course still on the fence for that one, especially in regards to it being potent enough for not just an Eastern Mainland event. It's all dependant on where exactly this HP decides to set-up. Don't want it too close for comfort. This week will be one big rollercoaster for those latching on to every model run.
  7. Hey Baltic. I'm always lurking around seeing whats happening. Between having pool games, pipe band, the little minion and work I hardly get time to contribute much. Hoping to catch just a good heavy bout of snow. If only they'd fix the lampost outside my house. haha
  8. Those in the West and Donegal, keep us all updated on its transition to the wintry stuff.
  9. Checked radar 30 mins ago, had to check for lightning too, such intense echos in places. Pity it wasn't all snow, we'd be buried.
  10. Absolutely nothing here, don't look like seeing any showers today either. Have a nice view of the train of showers heading for the Isle of Mann though.They look heavy. The downfall of living on the East coast on a day like today. Oh well, plenty of chances coming up.
  11. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Been a while since I've seen a snow shower, must have been more than 2 years. Hopefully more to follow, get that surface and ground temperature tumbling.
  12. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm sensing a stonking winter in the wings. Good PV displacement coming up. Eyes to the skies/lamposts this weekend.
  13. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    I've always been Watching, so to speak. My morning begins with a cuppa and the model output. Good to see some other snow chances coming up next week and the possibility of more ridging into Greenland. Winter could have a sting in its tail alright. Memories of the March 6ft drifts coming back from a few years ago.
  14. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    I work with her partner, don't think she has a bias. Snow showers here every 45 minutes or so, was lying early this morning on roofs etc, nothing lying now though. It is good snow though, you can tell by the way it floats about in the wind. Snow goes up, then comes down.
  15. Ireland Regional Weather Chat

    NI weather suggesting high risk of thunderstorms for Eastern NI later, however I am dubious. High convective inhibition suggests anything will be isolated and may just be a heavy shower at most.