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  1. Eyes are drawn to Greenland around T-300. This is now the timescale for me for real cold and Greenland Heights. Ties in with the anomalies shown two days ago
  2. Of course it's just a forecast and just my opinion John. Convection is due to crank up in the Central Pacific and move West. If I was being completely honest with lag I would suggest MJO to affect nearer the second week of December but what we see manifest is a slow down in zonal winds and a displacement of the PV to Siberia. The MJO just consolidates this signal on top the week after if anything
  3. See GP's post this morning this is due to change in the week 2 forecast. Phases 7/8 will be reflected in time
  4. Ignore the ECM for worldie charts. Last week into first week of December has always been signposted. This before hand is just a bonus. That is a 360 hour mean chart and is exactly the time frame we should be getting excited about. It comes about due to a combination of MJO 7/8/1 phases and the lag effect on the strat due to the current Scandinavian record breaking heights initiating record breaking wave breaking. It basically creates a vacuum for Greenland heights.
  5. We'll put. I would say though some of your statements are posted with too much confidence or certainty on this subject considering the lack of scientific proof. Your language should always reflect this or it just comes across as misleading
  6. It's not a "massive probability" though is it if you take time to look at the clusters? Worst case scenario is a delay of the deep cold by 2 or 3 days before the high builds north again. It's a probability but it's a "tiny" probability.
  7. inghams85

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Name me one "scientist" with a peer reviewed paper proving AGW doesn't exist? There aren't any because AGW is proven and is widely accepted and has been for years hence worldwide government's spending billions to augment it. Just accept it and do your bit to help the planet instead of causing everybody more issues
  8. inghams85

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    There are no scientists or experts who do not agree. Just under qualified sensationalist who post fake news. To be taken in by that is rediculous at best
  9. inghams85

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    You can differ all you want. Your not a acclaimed climate scientist. I'd prefer to listen to evidence provided by experts. You aren't an expert as much as you seem to think you are
  10. inghams85

    AGW derived events forecast for 2018!

    The fact is all those predictions from GW have come true
  11. inghams85

    Report Climate change ipcc

    The whole point is there is NOTHING to discuss. Man made climate change is proven 1000 times over so there's no debate to even be had. The quicker you realise that the quicker we don't have to listen to the conspiracy rubbish hour posting. Anyway this thread like you say isn't for this so it's my last message on the subject.
  12. inghams85

    Report Climate change ipcc

    It is 100% proven and your in denial. The world's smartest scientist don't sit down with the world leaders saving the planet on something that isn't. It's like saying the ocean isn't made up of water and I'm going to deliberately argue the fact it's not without any basis just because theres nothing you can do about me disagreeing. It's so rediculous that at times I think people even question replying to your pathetic trolling tbh
  13. inghams85

    Report Climate change ipcc

    This was 100% proven years and years ago beyond any doubt hence 100's of countries coming together to find a solution. You seem like an intelligent guy but your doing yourself no favours backing loony bin climate change deniers mate. Just drop it. Your doing yourself no favours