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  1. What's become more and more apparent is instead of one wave of cold easterlies Monday onwards there have been two waves and it's the second wave the models have had trouble with but it's actually the coldest period. 5 days ago I saw some ensemble members with very cold temps around 2nd/3rd and at the time could nt understand i thought it was a trough dropping into Scandi from a Northerly. Now i think we know
  2. With the level of cold over Scandinavia moving West to East disturbances and lows are more likely than a clean easterly flow in my opinion
  3. I can't stress how UNBLEIVABLE SNOWY this would be. Maybe not for those on the south coast and hence less excitement (I don't think this will verify tho) But for the southern Midlands northwards it's a snow machine it's scary how snowy it would actually be
  4. Absolutely insane snow amounts on this run I'd imagine with shortwave forming in situ over the British isles. If it's snow you want how can you not be happy with this?! ?
  5. There is sharpening evident already on the ICON. One thing we need to keep an eye on us any upgrades in the nearer time frame from Sunday because I dont think this period is even done yet. Could still be upgraded 96-120 in my opinion
  6. Potentially this could be extremely snowy. Showers. Then lows from the East. Then Showers again and then sliders/North Easterly showers. Easy right?
  7. In December 2010 with the Easterly it was around 48-54 hours away before models like the Euro4 picked up a signal for 15-30cm's. Don't even bother I'd say tomorrow evening have Euro4 on refresh to pick anything up from Friday onwards even if it's flurries Friday Saturday for now
  8. There are a surprising amount that bring in deep cold mid Sunday tbh!! I wouldn't rule out quicker incoming cold at all
  9. The cold never really leaves the North! Because the direction is South Easterly late on even with moderate uppers that will all be as snow and a low pressure heading North incredible!
  10. The trend this evening so far is to push everything further north and West again. I wonder if the models have under estimated this because there's definitely momentum to build the cold in much quicker again!
  11. There is already embedded cold and DP' s well below freezing the air temp would be neaer 0-1! Snow and temps arent black and white
  12. We had an incredible Easterly back then in Yorkshire what were the 850's and thicknesses anyone? Just for comparison of convection? For 2010 i mean....