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  1. What's your thoughts on 2007 comparisons what you expecting? Met office have underestimating this. It's widely above 50mm
  2. This is looking very very grim. Why the complete lack of news coverage. If it was the South East it would be the main story. Very poor I have to say from the press. Also if this wasn't a red alert I don't know what is. How is it not? What does it have to be to go red?
  3. Less than a metre to go to break the record in Rotherham in 2007 with 7 hours moderate to heavy rainfall to come. It's going to be newsworthy I don't think there's any doubt. Keeping a close eye on sever flood warnings now
  4. Very impressive that Steve but do you mind me asking what it was you saw with the set up that made you think this would happen. Purely educational for me if you don't mind
  5. There's a lot on here with conditions like autism which explains the obsessive nature of a lot of posters
  6. Mate. Seriously. Your the only person who has picked up my post as being some slant to South Eastern posters? You "defended" South Eastern posters after I stuck up for those posts as being human nature and you "confronted" me on the tone of the post when again I stuck up for them reasons. What do you not understand? I'm not replying anymore because it's beyond childish and rediculous. Take a breather and chill your beans.
  7. I've merely added a forecast for the North as nothing as been added for other areas. Snow has also consistently been modelled for other areas of the country and for newbies I'm making this point. I spoke about human nature explaining I know the reason why. Don't be confrontational were all adults...
  8. Did you even read my line about it being human nature? I guess not as your on the defensive
  9. There are going to be winners and losers in all of this. To add some nationwide perspective the first low heading in to France and the second one being further north are both good for the Midlands north Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday should see copious wintry showers Tuesday into Wednesday with troughs and disturbances in a very disturbed flow. The site is populated by mainly South Eastern members though and it's human nature so is expected. Just thought this needed pointing out for anyone in areas further north getting confused by the last few comments...
  10. I propose a vote of no confidence! We need a new Moderator to lead us into Snexit
  11. Spotted this myself. If it's not too progressive I'm ready to call time on significant SSW impacts for this side of the hemisphere
  12. The weeklies were showing Greenland heights from the 28th which looking at 192 we could see next frame
  13. Looking at the Day 10 ECM it doesn't take much imagination to see where the Week 2 EC46 Greenland heights may come from 28th onwards. Upgrades short AND longer term for me
  14. Those uppers will be better as well. GEM has a known bias with under doing the uppers
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