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  1. inghams85

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    MIA I don't think you understand that there is no argument or debate to be had. Climate change has been proven unequivocally and people who still disagree are frankly living in massive denial of just trolling. It's like saying there is no such thing as a moon I'll argue there's no moon because i want to even though we all know there is one!
  2. I've just measure 14cm already seven been in a sweet spot! Meto have been very conservative with this! Looking at the radar we have 3 hours of heavy or moderate snow still to come!
  3. This is unforecast though it's meant to be a narrow band and this is not narrow
  4. South Yorkshire northern Derbyshire look on the radar a truly massive clump of heavy snow a good few hours
  5. You seen the HUGE convergence zone? This wasn t forecast this should be over Wales right now?!
  6. That big clump coming from the East is about to paste us!
  7. West and North Yorkshire its still not changed enough you should clip the northern portion of these showers
  8. The wind needs to change for those further North the showers are still heading south west from the hunmber
  9. Convergence was due to start round mid day for around 14 hours so if your currently under a streamer you've got lucky if your in a gap your in for a frustrating day. Looks like parts of Leeds could be in for a bang your head against a wall kinda day
  10. We don't even have that at the minute haha! Strange the difference in 10 miles!
  11. You can see the intensification as the colder air filters in on the last 20mins of the radar. We have proper snow but no settling yet but evap cooling should be starting to kick in the next 15mins! How much do you Have?
  12. This band is quite slow moving its forecast to pep a tad and slow you can see that on the radar we may get 3cm before nights end :-)
  13. Oh patience indeed i do expect something soon! We are down for heavy snow from 1am!
  14. It's just changed as i type! Looks like we needed this heavier bit of precipitation