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  1. Thanks andymusic , I'll keep the faith a bit longer.
  2. Why oh why is it forecasting rain for Anglesey yet again :-( I've done some epic snow dances over the past month to impress the snow gods and get this! Ah well, enjoy peeps.
  3. Yeah the cross winds must be horrendous, I just hope no lorry drivers chance their arm on it again. It's happened in the past.
  4. It's really wild here now, my boyfriend has a tree down in his garden and all I can hear is the trees roaring and the slates rattling on my roof. I'm out in the sticks so thankfully not too much in the way of wheelie bins etc flying around. The wind is making pretty wave ripples in the grass though and it's funny watching the birds fly backwards!
  5. Hi all, very new to all this and a complete noob but could someone post a chart (historical or otherwise) that would show what I should be looking out for if I wanted to see snow on Anglesey please? Apart from Dec 2010 and Jan 2013 we always seem to miss out and a better understanding would certainly be more beneficial than the snow dance I do every winter (worries my neighbour something rotten that does!)
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