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  1. Snowsie

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Nice to see the familiar names (I would say faces but have no clue what you all look like!) are still here. Here's hoping we get the wintry stuff moving in really soon! Looking forward to riding that 'will it won't it' rollercoaster with you all again this winter
  2. Snowsie

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    It won't let me upload any pics! Coming down heavy again here just outside Stratford.
  3. Snowsie

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Will do. I've left the heating on in the Living room so might venture into there in a bit! Got to be warmer than in this bedroom Fingers crossed we all get what we want when we get up this morning
  4. Snowsie

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I've come down to my caravan just outside Stratford Upon Avon. Windows are starting to ice up inside...I'm freezing but it's worth it to see the snow starting to build up outside across the fields. Wondering what it's like back home in Solihull! Hard to judge depths and intensity at the moment because it's too dark (I have no lamp posts to watch down here ) and I'm too cold to get out of bed but it's definitely looking white out there!
  5. I've been trying to contain myself but can't hold it in any longer! WOOHOO!!!!!! I am starting to get just a little excited now!
  6. Just driving through Hockley Heath on way to Stratford and it's settling well on fields next to the m40
  7. Same here! Wide awake and wondering if my garden will be where I left it last night!
  8. This is my first new year since 2012 that I am not spending up at Darwin Forest! (My profile pic was taken up there a few years ago) Gutted I'm missing this event!
  9. Cow pat flakes mixing in with the rain here
  10. Just looked and my snow symbols that were showing have all been taken away from me now
  11. I'm back at school tomorrow but my daughter isn't. She's loving that!