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  1. Nice covering in the Alps again this morning. Although forecast I think is for temps to rise quite quickly after today.
  2. Forgot on time again. Well it would be rude not to take the average temp going begging, lol.. 14.3c 68mm
  3. How many people actually think bout having air con. Trouble is, with heating most people use from Nov to April or pos longer if you are cold souls, personally we dont use it that much, in fact these days I use the air con more than heating but we do have a log burner. The old thing 2 warm day and a storm dont apply anymore, so the heat didnt last long enough to spend money on air con. Maybe its my age bracket but most people I speak to these days dont do this 30c plus weather any more. With the consistent muggy humid weather we have in this country with sticky night and this seemingly hotter weather I would think air con will become the thing to have, of course budgets allowing. In fact I would think it will become a growth industry.
  4. Get an air con unit, its a superb investment in this what appears to be changing world. The new ones do fan, heating and cold and very cheap to run. I got 2 the other year and wished I had got them years ago, however be careful where you go to get them we got quotes some were double of the company we used. I used a local company that are superb.
  5. I am not sure its autumn, although you would be sooner into autumn where you are I think. Driving locally over the weekend I saw many examples of trees looking like that, however and I may be wrong it looks more like drought/heat stress or virus as it seemed more like 1 or 2 types of trees with this problem. Locally I wouldn't expect to see autumn colours yet. Having said that my vines seems to be dying back early this year but again it looks like the leaves have a leaf virus/worms rather that autumn. PS I love all your photos you take.
  6. It was on the cards, but beating the date record by what will be over 4c, is pretty amazing. Also something I saw yesterday that Emmelord in Holland reached 31.9c beating the date record, however last year on the same day it only reached 16.3c, that also is something to behold.
  7. In Lassie talk that properly means ripped out any living plant and dug it all over so its just bare soil. Could be on the off chance it then means sowing all the over winter plants like onions broad beans etc.
  8. I know the winds are coming, but what a non event so far. I without checking the details presumed we would be flooded and have 40mph winds by now, stupid me for not looking at it more closely. Very very very muggy humid foul weather, cant wait till all these southwest winds are blown away with a fresher air stream. This muggy weather is what kills tomatoes and late pots this time of the year.
  9. Steady needed rain this morning. However there are snails every where, climbing everywhere, they must be enjoying this, having been hidden for a long time. Never seen so many in the day, back garden however only a few as keep them well under control as I like to eat my fruit and veg not donate it to snails and slugs.
  10. That rain line is running north north west, so those that have it will keep it as it doesnt seem to be moving eastwards, just we have cloud now but the heat ( not as hot) wont go here till tomorrow I think when that cold front finally passes over.
  11. Be thankful you are not in Holland, Belgium Germany, temps up to 35c again and in places higher.
  12. Probably the places that stand the best chance of breaking the record.
  13. Oh that is so right, why wont governments, councils etc start planting more trees everywhere. They use up carbon dioxide and stop flooding and thats just to start with, let alone protect and help nature.
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