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  1. It got to Shoebury ok but not much further. Had steady rain on and off for a few hours, not sure it mounted to much. The main thing was a reduction of the solar rays and sun to ease the heat yesterday only 21c here. However now we face the worst thing of summer days hot and humid.already feels foul, humidity was at 98% this morning, dropped now off course.
  2. seaside 60

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Well no arguing now its a fact. https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2018/07/17/the-summer-so-far/
  3. Wow this what a summer day should be like ish. Maybe several degrees cooler for my liking. 29c in this little corner but only 44% humidity and dewpoint of only 13c. It is SO MUCH more different than the last few years.
  4. Well have a wash then...
  5. Jesus its 26c already, not normal for Southend /Shoebury.
  6. That makes perfect sense, thanks.
  7. I meant the new building going up ie the one in your post above. So that will run from the bottom to the top where the off piste run is, then you ski back to Katschberg via the red or black.
  8. Where is it running through bottom of the long off piste run to where to top the black and red run, rather than getting two lifts up or am I totally confused. Is that the big biulding you can see on one of the web cams
  9. Yes you say that but they have prolonged the sea breeze again, wish it was here every day in the summer, mind you its been like it this year a lot of days. Showing 10 to 18mph easterlies here today.
  10. Pretty much odds on I think.
  11. Looked at the rubbish 7 day MO forcast day by day. For London its 2 days at 30c then 5 days between 23 and 27c. Most summers its people getting excited about reaching those temps this year its going down to such. One things for sure its going to be and has been the best summer pretty much since 76 now. Also its been a non humid summer with much cooler nights than previous summers so far with good old sea breezes The one big question are we going to pay for it this autumn with flooding and gale force winds or is this the new norm...
  12. Considering the weather had very few if any flying ant episodes down here. According to Essex Weather we are now on day 46 ish of no rain. Cant say how true that is as just cant remember when it last rained. It really would be nice to get an extra half hour that I dont have to water my fruits and veg's, last alone the pots and baskets twice a day. Even if just once a week...
  13. I am sorry to say being an oldy myself I think it is. when younger use to love hot weather, worked out side all the time no matter how hot, now I prefer 22c and breeze, also rain more as do far more gardening although it can fall at night.
  14. I got them installed last summer and look what happened this year lol.. Best money ever spent if you suffer with the heat. Also the new ones cool, heat and blow std air so they are a 3 in 1 and efficient.
  15. Sorry delete wrong thread and cant seem to edit it.