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  1. Morning Mr C Now that is a special photo, having been there its nice to see plenty of snow there, but wow love it.
  2. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    This all seems very organised lol. I've planted some red onions in the autumn. They seem to be ok along with some broad beans. I had an errant strawberry left first week in Decenber. Which potatoes do you grow,
  3. Totally forgot again. Will the cold win out if so there will be a lot wrong.. Lets say 3.3c and 85mm.
  4. Afternoon Mr C who is lucky enough to be under the best snow for years at this time. Am i under the impression that you are going to get buried this weekend and into next week, from some of the models being posted and noting the rainfall looks very heavy over europe.
  5. Scandi or even possibly Romania type area.
  6. Mmm let me guess. Would it be an off piste type run running from the top to the bottom in a small Austrian resort. Nah stupid me its the new purpose built resort just south of Calais,
  7. I meant last night, I saw posted on twitter really heavy snow for a while, didnt mean it was buried in 10ft of snow lol.. apologies if any one got excited.
  8. Small world and all that. My parents used to live round the corner and my dad used to work at Echo before Access took over. 1987 was amazing seeing ice blocks right out to the middle of the river at high tide, not sure that we will see those 3 or 4 days again but we always hope.
  9. Yep and loads snow in Paris, yet surprise surprise its raining here. The Alpine regions are getting plenty of snow, so when that wind finally goes to the east this winter, we might get hammered.
  10. 3.9c please 82mm Difficult on the precip if Atlantic breaks through its much higher and if highs stay in charge its much lower.
  11. Afternoon, I would imagine after the few years you are in heaven along with all the resorts. I cant believe how much snow they have had since September, also although much of it has melted lower down until the last couple of weeks, the glaciers must of had a great top up and bringing it more back to normal. Its so annoying how much snow they have had so early compared to last March. I would imagine if we went back to ski there again, apart from the buildings we wouldn't recognize the slopes lol...
  12. I would announce to the world that I would wear a pink or blue one. However I never wear hats, even in the snow.
  13. I could think of one or two we could sacrifice to the snow gods
  14. Wow winter has arrived in force. Total white right through the Alps, fantastic.
  15. November 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Totally forgot. Like most last month very much out. Lets go for 7.3c as it seems to be around normal with no surprises, famous last words...