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  1. MO already had loads storms breaking out by now. Latest radar shows nothing and sat pics show very little proper cloud. Are they delayed or are the dynamics not working for them.
  2. Its the best thing to have, the units do hot, cold and just blowing air so multi purpose and very efficient. I suffer from the heat days and have to work out in it a lot, nothing better than coming back into cool air to get your core body temp down and lovely nights sleep. Thats a very interesting stat there, 1000 every year die due to heatwaves, brings into perspective the current few deaths of a certain thing going around this summer.
  3. Totally agree with you. For some places up north ish it might have been a not so good summer but down here it just seems endlessly summer even without this extreme hot weather.
  4. Most open grasslands are looking more like deserts in colour and texture. As you say very little rain indeed.
  5. Used to stay in Middelburg many years ago, mention of there brings back memories.
  6. The coolest I see at the moment down here is 17c at night and 24c during the day and thats only at the far end ie 24th. We are on the coast down here and its only down here true, but one would presume it will be warmer inland, Also the MO are still taking about warm to very warm till 25th then very warm at times possibly. So yes a cool down but still above ave for most apart from the north west but thats taken for granted at this time of the year
  7. I honestly dont believe that cloud cover will make much difference with the amount of inbuilt ambient heat in the atmosphere, the ground and buildings. However I take your point but when its possibly already 22c plus over night, ( talking about london here)... QUOTE from PM Meteo/BBC use a blend of GFS and ECM data only, Meto use there own Model's which are more up to date and UK based, As well as the above. It's been very noticeable since Meteo took over UKMO contract. Surely their models cant be that much apart for thursday.
  8. Can someone explain why the Countryfile forecast for Thursday was so so low at 24c for london, compared to MO which hasnt gone any lower than 26 c even for sunday and is showing 30 + for Thursday and every other model is far higher than what the Meteo group has suggested. I felt embarrassed for Darren Bett with what he was showing.
  9. Well the NW tracker for 71-00 has it at 0.95c over already.
  10. I am very surprised that there hasnt been a lot of last minute changes on the temperature guesses, esp from people quoting lower guesses. I am beginning to think that ever my 17.7c is going to be to low.
  11. Only 0.5c above the 81 to 10 average, it felt dam hot down here.
  12. Not many miles over the broad view of the UK yet here its. 05.15 sunrise with the sun setting at 20.50 Really start to notice the shorter eves in cloudy weather already.
  13. Really the Express should be retired. After getting daily its going to be 40c heatwaves and we are going to die updates on google news on my phone. This morning I got the first ever that I can remember 40 days of rain. Surely even for click bait no one clicks through.
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