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  1. I 100% agree with you. However re the bold in your comment, where do you draw the line at the "threat to life" as any low pressure could be that. Of course the other extreme is high pressures can also be a threat to life so should we name them as well. Excessive heat or cold is also a threat to life.
  2. Well the temp guesses were somewhat out this month lol... Still think it will be a more typical month for some reason. 7c 78mm
  3. MOds I cant delete this its appearing from no where. Everytime I click in the box to type it just appears
  4. NI idea how this got here. ITS OFFICIAL RECORD HAS BEEN REACHED Its reached 20.3c in Wales.
  5. How can you say this weather is boring, |I would rather have this weather in Feb and bearable temps rather than mid summer of 35c plus which is almost % wise what this weather would be. If you like weather this is exciting, beautiful and fantastic for the time of the year. Personally this BORING weather can stay for another couple of weeks plus.
  6. Agreed really dont like it, just to much info on one page, it all blurs into one mess,made to fit in with phone apps I think where you swipe from side to side.
  7. Reading MO update, me thinks at the moment there could be some well busted forecasts for this month if that colder weather fails to come back also the rainfall totals look as though they could be up towards average at this rate, so thats me well done on that one, esp as done so well on the first two months. Frustrating to say the least.
  8. Well I was to low in Jan got caught out by thinking it would actually be fairly cold. Still going to go below ave though and below ave rain. 4c 55mm
  9. I dont have a lot of faith in the BBC weather these days. I dont know many that do.
  10. The point is that they could be rainy sleety streamers, that is the problem as also mentioned by Kold weather. Higher up inland more wet snow, but nothing special and nothing that will last.
  11. Well going by that video, it does not very good, looks like a lot of rain mixed in esp in the south east. In fact it looks pretty poor overall, showers look mainly of rainy sleet after the front as well.
  12. The best thing about this cold spell is this morning. Generally down to minus 5 everywhere, stunning sunny frosty morning. Sun is beginning to get stronger all the frost gone already in the sun. I think the snow tonight will be a miss for this corner, just wet mush. Will be good on higher elevations. Anything beyond tonight ie weekend will be to warm for anything but wet snow and mainly rain and personally have seen enough wet snow already coming to nothing.
  13. Well we may not be getting the snow we/I wanted, however. I for one am so pleased the weather has broken from that depressive day after day of cloud. Its so nice to see and feel the sun again, starting to feel that subtle warmth as well, in cars, porches sheltered spots in the garden.
  14. Missed again so first of the late entries. Bit of a gamble on present conditions. 2.7c 42mm
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