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  1. Every month is so wrong lol lets go for higher again temps wise one month it will be right.. 15.9c 57mm
  2. I will have a competition with myself to see if I can get further away from last months figures. Lets go for bust... 12.4c 79mm
  3. Thank you Tom, having spent days studying the facts, previous winners, the charts, the histories, ringing up several weatherman, nasa, the space station and more importantly my kids who didnt see me for days after taking their recommendations and studying them. Seriously Tom I know its your love of these things but its also a lot of time spent sorting these out. So thank you for your time and whats the betting next year I end up with nil points. Oh I forgot to mention my friends, family, producers, my agents and the papers.
  4. After last months dismal failure. Should have known it wouldn't stay cold the whole month 6.7c hoping for some colder nights to keep ave down. 59mm hoping high pressure keeps close by.
  5. Maybe instead of wearing masks everyone should be as keen on sorting out pollution as there are on covid starting with governments. However that doesn't win votes or save lives instantly. The world should grab pollution by the balls and head for a greener world. Sorry going of topic but Lassie started it.
  6. At least it means I am not the only one that is several degrees out this month.
  7. Did anyone else notice how crystal clear the skies still are last night and other nights. Long may we have less pollution and less air travel, stunningly clear skies, stunningly pristine looking moon.
  8. Yep get the right cold temps, beautifully frozen and dry, then what happens its goes wrong and mild just takes over with no fight. This is the most disappointing end to a good cold spell, would never have believed it could fizzle out in this way. If you now got last weekends rain and snow now, that would be something special.
  9. Thats a fair point Dub and Staines, forgot about all that water running down. but isnt it near the lock anyway so reduced flow at times. I find it strange that thinking back to 2018, 13, 1991 1987 and the lasting cold of 85,86, 95 ? Why would it have frozen this time, as I think many would agree its not been "that cold" in terms of low temps until the last day or so and the point you have made in regards to a strong flow..
  10. Impressive, however is it more of a symptom of the lack of usage of the river. Very little boat traffic and movement which normally keeps the water from freezing over in previous cold spells.
  11. May help you Tom just seen this posted on the SE thread. 11/2 08.41 Should be colder tonight possibly. Nowhere got under that -10°C mark last night. Marham came very close at -9.7°C
  12. Stupid question but how come the temp has gone up over freezing, I thought there were no mild sectors now. Also I am not impressed with the temps they dont seem cold enough lol. The snow is still melting here from ground up esp near buidlings it seems that the ground is so so wet and no real cold to get dwn and freeze the ground. By the way is it a record yet because it hasn't stopped snowing here since sun am, although it could snow like this for the whole month and we wouldn't get much laying.
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