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  1. SO many people, so many decent temps taken with 5 plus people. Not sure it will be far enough from the average to gamble low or high. Left page open and totally forget to enter on time again. 4.4c 88mm
  2. Lets face it all the Autumn forecasts have been a bust overall.
  3. I cant believe how much snow has fallen in the Alps, even down into the valleys, in fact more than some winters, also up in Scandi land, up to 10c below average for the first 10 days of Nov. In Katsberg as example still forecasting another meter of snow in the next few days. sods law says by the start of Dec to Xmas it will have all gone, but compared to previous years, wow. Also makes a mockery of the Seasonal models that said NW Europe would be a high % above average.
  4. I think this is a way forward esp as often there is loads of snow falling after the seasons shut in the Alps. Even if it just does a few runs in most resorts, it starts to bring in an income and skiers can get some skiing in. Esp as before the 1st/2nd week of Dec its only locals ish that ski.
  5. Both these articles are very good reading for the enthusiast. Its written very well with no headliners and fanfare as can be seen, I found it very educational and people that just look and think winters over should actually read this and they will learn a lot about how the long range forecasts work and their variants.
  6. There were couple of months where this incessant warming of the averages hasnt affected them. October is one of them, there must be some sort of reason why it hasnt.
  7. Thats interesting to note there is almost no difference between the 61-90 and 81 to 10 averages on this date.
  8. So with all the outside signs of prospective cooler weather like all the sea ice loss etc, solar min, you seem very certain of agreeing with the models. In no way am I disagreeing with you and it may well be right, but do you not think you are reading into it as gospel. I see you have answered that already, sorry.
  9. Can an educated person in here explain to me how the winter forecasts from ECM and Glosea have produced the above "predictions". I ask as fairly up with weather trends I read about almost record low arctic sea ice, open arctic waters, solar minimums with very few sun spots, a starting record low polar vortex etc etc. All as I read on here positives for proper cold winter spells, I know its an average for DJF, but how are this years signs from the seasonal models so much different to last years bust of a more colder winter, to produce a what looks like typical dross of a wet/warm winter. One hopes that they will bust the other way as they did last year.
  10. Thanks for spotting that as I hadn't. Yes I always enter both temp and rainfall comps. Good to see I went up and not down by getting my missing entry, lol... Also how nice to actually win a temp comp, I usually do poor in that and much better on the rainfall one. One thing I have noticed is that when I am wrong it seems to be just over 2/3 days extra rain thereby proving the rainfall comp can by screwed by something you can never see in the future. So called wet months can be determined by just a few days over the whole month.
  11. We have had some lovely weather however with cool/cold nights offsetting the warmer day temps. This change of pattern I think will lift the CET, it was 17c this morning compared to 7c most of last week. In fact personally here it will be warmer this week than last week, with temps 5 to 10c higher at night, ie back to normal.
  12. Nice covering in the Alps again this morning. Although forecast I think is for temps to rise quite quickly after today.
  13. Forgot on time again. Well it would be rude not to take the average temp going begging, lol.. 14.3c 68mm
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