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  1. Beautiful day, full sunshine only about 15c with easterly but its not cold in shorts gardening. So much better feel than yesterdays heat at 25.4c.
  2. Absolutely glorious but cant it just stay around the 20c mark with a breeze. When you have to work out in it, its hard work ok if you having a beer by the pool. Another wierd thing, my patio slabs are moist in the shade, must be the cold coming out causing condensation.
  3. Really enjoy reading the comments in here. lets hope that next season is approaching as good as this winters just gone. Only a few months till the first snows/
  4. Pretty dam good day for me here, just touching 19c, Southend touching 20c. Warmth sun and nice breeze, low humidity.
  5. One presumes its wind direction over cold sea takes while to warm up over land. As its a S/SE wind. As you say bit unusual, shows the early season.
  6. Thats strange I appear to have lost the edit icon...??? Can I change the rainfall to 92mm please. Even weirder its appeared on this post but not my previous one.
  7. 8.4c 104mm Total guesses..
  8. Continuous light snow with strong winds for over an hour now, not amounting to anything though. Love to see the snow rolling along the roads and pavements when its like this.
  9. I live miles away from you and I just saw the best meteor I have ever seen. Could be the same one, however it was overhead here and seemed very low.
  10. Just seen the BBC forecast, Jesus those new graphics really are crap. All I could see was lots of clouds floating around, are they meant to be snow or just clouds. I am supposed to believe plenty of snow was forecasted yet they were showing what appeared to be bugger all sat night.
  11. Something tells me that will zip up this week. However have we ever had a 7.5c below average in here apart from the 1st march. If we got the should have been extra week or two cold spell then the March average would have been very impressive.
  12. Blimey I didnt expect that quicker a melt. Really has a lot gone already, reckon with tomorrows rain only the drifts will remain, very very sad.
  13. Been walking the puppy for its late night walk. Across the road is gunners park which is normally pitch black. Apart from when it snows and its like the daytime, the beauty of snow. Also couple of houses with wood burners, so you can just imagine the smell of wood smoke and the crunching underfoot makes you think you were back in the Alps. I really miss the ambiance and sound that snow makes.
  14. The best reason for growing your own is the fabulous taste that you never get with shop brought produce.
  15. Still snowing here to and its all dry snow and doesnt want to give up. Looking on the radar it just keep forming over the Thames. I honestly thought this spell would carry on for 2 weeks plus with little milder bits after the mega cold had gone more like March 2013 which was great here. A real shame as everyone is far more friendly, far less cars on the roads, kids having fun.