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  1. It was meant for the people that do both, like to see who is the overall super star.
  2. Its also happened to some excel docs on my computer., it wont open says I have not activated office which is bull. I have the std office pack but something may be corrupting them. Will have to have a word with my computer guy.
  3. It wont let me open spreadsheet saying its a cooperate edition. ??
  4. Morning for a question. Would it possible to do a joint list for the last year comp. ie temp and rainfall (places) added together to produce an overall winner for both.
  5. Nearly forgot again. Just reading Feb91 talking about the monthly comp in the MO thread and suddenly remembered. Difficult to call really, colder in north warmer in south for first part, could go either way towards the end. 5.3c 107mm.
  6. I dont know whats worse cold cloudy and damp/wet or warm cloudy and damp/wet. These are really the conditions I hate most, days on days with just cloud and drizzle/damp.
  7. What an excellent interesting descriptive forecast. Maybe you should post this every update in the main forum.
  8. Its gone from summer to winter in just 4 days. They put on many of the snow machines over the weekend as it was plenty cold enough and now the Alps are white with natural snow, tis a sight to behold.
  9. Morning, its very crisp and nippy out there this morning, lovely after the last few days.
  10. seaside 60

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Well I feel I must report that I have still have marigolds flowering, geraniums flowers all winter here apart from proper cold winters then they die lol. Also I have a couple of self sown bush tomato plants that started around mid august. They produced tomatoes and I picked some the other day and still a few turning red, normally they die into sept or early oct often with blight. Also forgot to mention a late mid summer sown Labilia is flowering really well almost like mid summer.
  11. Really great news but it says the report is from 2012 ???
  12. seaside 60

    October Fog Index

    Well down on the coast I rekon I have seen fog on at least 6 or 7 days pos even more. So bumper time here then if fog index works. I cant believe some places have had no fog.
  13. Morning, so it was supposed to get colder thurs/fri then sat. The front just cant move east its stuck over london Its still 16c down from 19c at midnight. The rain misses us here well the main bulk of it just doesnt reach here and they still forecasting temps of 19c up till tuesday.
  14. It appears 2 places have reached 26c at midday. Exceptional will the record be broken its only 1c off it I think.