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  1. Morning, so it was supposed to get colder thurs/fri then sat. The front just cant move east its stuck over london Its still 16c down from 19c at midnight. The rain misses us here well the main bulk of it just doesnt reach here and they still forecasting temps of 19c up till tuesday.
  2. It appears 2 places have reached 26c at midday. Exceptional will the record be broken its only 1c off it I think.
  3. Dam late again. Can I have 11.1c please. 89mm on the old rainfall guess. Difficult to call really, I think the hots versus the colds will even out ish over the month, will it go lower than average in October.
  4. Afternoon Badgers01, question, when you say he needs a 4 mile walk every day. Can you explain why 4 miles, it is a serious question as I have a dog as well and its much bigger and younger and doesnt get any where near 4 miles a day. Do you tend just to do one big walk or 2 or 3 smaller ones. Lovely area to go walking, beautiful photos.
  5. 3.3c in Sept and down here on the coast must almost be some sort of record or very near it. Perfect autumnish weather crystal clear skies cold nights, sunny days.
  6. seaside 60


    Silly me I meamt with no snow on lol...
  7. Wow pretty impressive snow fall seeing as its the end of August, The Edlewisse cam shows what appears to be about 10 inches of snow fell. Sure it wont last long lol.
  8. seaside 60


    Morning from a sticky Shoebury. Do you have any close up pics of the ski runs apart from the web cams ie like the 2 from the last two days.
  9. There is one thing to describe this weather and thats YUK!!!!
  10. Its 26c already at 9am, its to much. This weather has to go, you cant get anything done, not everyone can sit around drinking and doing nothing. Low twenties top temp sun all day and a sea breeze is perfect.
  11. Had you like me wished you got ones years ago.... Total heaven isnt it when you can come in and cool down, sit comfortably with out droplets of sweat.
  12. I havent had any probs with seeds germinating been sowing small amounts all the way through of diff types. Sowed some spring purple sprouting broc with no problem the biggest problem is stopping the butterflies stripping them bare lol. Best tip put them in the shadiest part or sun in am and not pm therefore they dont get fried.
  13. Lovely start to the day and it even felt quite fresh relatively this morning on taking the dog out. Can we stay back to coolish nights please.
  14. Another day I dont have to water the garden just the pots and baskets later if suns shines a lot. 5 days of rainfall now and building, well do I take i this is the last day for a while