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  1. Brrrr...its cold out, a nice ice crust has formed on the car this late afternoon, that's the first frost I've seen this early.
  2. The daft thread seems to be suicidal as per every other year...chasing cold on a chart two weeks away and then launching their toys oot the pram when it all turns to dung. I love the comedy show on that thread in the winter...!!!
  3. What's everyones thoughts for this winter...cold with piles of snaw or damp wet mild pish.
  4. I got into the car this morning and noticed my dashcam was still on it captured the whole event from 22:00 hrs last night...its going to be good watching that lot. A nice spark...
  5. Looking at the radar the pattern has changed its moving almost directly for here now...I'am going to try and capture some video. As I type this its getting more intense outside.
  6. The cloud is fast moving it now looks like its running from east to west, possibly to do with the convection of the thunder clouds, all of the action seems to be to the west from here there is a good 10sec gap from flash to bang well more of a rumble really no explosive loud bangs yet. This is amazing its just about as good as a foot of snaw...
  7. Finally some action...beautiful light show in the clouds no visible lightning yet it seems to be all around though. I've never seen so much flashes.
  8. Its like a streamer forming and running north straight across the Forth. The east/west the cut off line seems to be the edge of Lochgelly its as if there is a force field keeping it from coming too far inland.
  9. Its still dry with just distant rumbles. Now that its gone dark fingers crossed for a good light show.
  10. Incredible that your only a few miles away....and there is nothing here, bone dry. Enjoy...
  11. As an experiment I pointed my thermometer at the cloud base 14.8deg/C so there is plenty heat up there to spark off a few bolts of lightning. When I was outside it was sounding quite rumbly around the Glenrothes / Kirkcaldy area...and looking quite dark.
  12. This radar picture is showing intense rain over in Edinburgh, as it passes over to this side it just needs to come a wee bit more to the west then bullseye...I can hear distant rumblings.
  13. How weird...for the past few minutes almost constant distant rumblings from north of Kinross direction and very short only a few seconds of intense rain.
  14. I had a nice spot picked out to watch the impending light show forecast for today but as ever its a anti-climax, apart from a rumble or two and a shoosh of rain early on its been quiet. The BBC must get its weather forecasts from the SNP fantasy land sources...well that says it all. The radar isn't showing anything heading this direction either...bugger.
  15. For some years now I’ve had a theory that the seasons can be off by a few months, over the past few weeks we have basically had winter weather patterns, north and easterly winds, large areas of high pressure feeding air from the continent if this were back in January and February we would have been in the deep freeze with plenty snow...what we got back then was Autumn weather patterns very mild and wet.
  16. Another nice sunny day this is more like it...cold start though. I saw this on the charts for next weekend...if it comes off that'll be a bitter wind.
  17. I've put the snaw shovel back in the shed after the anti-climax of the other week, now I see the daft thread is on about possible easterly set-up well it better hurry up and it'll have to be a bitter wind for any snaw to stick around at this time of year...again all too late in the season. We are rapidly heading towards April and that's the start of summer for me so all this pishy cauld wetness can bugger off...its time for some warmth noo.
  18. Woke up to wet snow falling this morning...today has been the worst kind of weather low temperatures and damp its felt really cold all day. It looks like we might get some drier weather this week hopefully some sunshine too which will make a nice change from all the recent grey.
  19. The temperature got down to -1.9deg/C last night which gave us a nice crisp frosty morning...a noticeably colder feel to the day. Around 21:30 a wee bit of snow blew through it only lasted a few minutes unfortunately, I see some are having better luck with the white stuff than around here. I miss the winters when you opened the curtains in the morning to find it had snowed during the night .
  20. Loving the pictures...good to see some are enjoying the snaw. A bit of a nothing day...it was actually quite pleasent in the afternoon the first time in a while a jacket wasn't needed for outside. Colder tonight than of late I had a peek outside and the car's an ice cube...current temp -1.4deg/C. I was watching the Saturday summary over on Weatherbell in the US they were hinting a pattern change could come in the first week or two in March when the Jetstream finally calms down a bit...I hope this comes off it'll be great to be rid off this reletless westerly wind. Lots of c
  21. Aye its all my fault...sorry everyone for the huge let down of the snaw event..? Looks like the Met Office was correct...unfortunately. Around midday the ground temperature was 3.4deg/C zero chance of snaw lying on that for any length of time. Before I left for work this morning I set up my action camera to capture any snowfall...this is as good as it got.
  22. A few days ago the Met Office said in one of thier forecasts that the snow event all hung on the position of the low pressurse, if it were more to the south then the snow would be widespread as it would suck in cold air however the more favoured forecast placed the low further north allowing some milder air into the mix. Looking at Mondays forecast it does indeed show snow but it starts off as rain here before turning to snow...just have to wait and see I suppose. I took the snaw shovel out the shed on Sunday afternoon this is usually scuppers any snaw falling...I take full responsib
  23. I wasn't expecting it to be frosty last night this morning my car had a thick ice crust, during the day the temp found its way up to 9 deg/C its not far of that now. 10 day outlook from the Met Office - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rkm3vAn2Ng
  24. Nothing of note today a bit of sun and a bit of rain it looks like this coming week will be cool and wet, single digit temps but nothing close to cold...Boring..!!! Current temp 1.9 deg/C and a bit of rain blowing through.
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