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  1. Interesting that the model thread is hinting at a possible cold start to April...I remember some years past the first race of the season at Knockhill was absolutely baltic and windy as hell, it was a combined car and bike meeting the Karts went out for a couple of warm-up laps they didn't even get the second lap in as an absolute white out appeared from the west...all races abandoned due to a snow covered track..!!!
  2. I was so happy to see snaw this morning I loved watching everything turning white. Hopefully others had a good snaw day too. A couple of snaps from the car...
  3. Just had a look on the models thread it looks like the dreaded high pressure winter killer is set to return after this windy spell blows itself out. Personally I want it to lash with rain from now to April and wash all the salt and muck off the roads...roll on the summer biking season..!!!
  4. Good to see some have gotten some snaw...just a wee dusting here first thing the rest of the day has been wet and cold. This cooler snap has come two months too late I still can't believe all the mild pish we've had since the turn of the year, one of the worst ever for snaw events.
  5. Nothing on the horizon regarding cold it would seem, they even got the mild forecast wrong saying it would be dry all week (Sunday forecast) its rained nearly every day. I'am thinking someone at the Met Office did a runner with the money for the Cray CX40 supercomputer and installed one of these instead to run the models..!!!
  6. No transient snaw here just rainy damp cold pish. Just watched the Beeb's week ahead forecast which is mild with wind and rain, the following week they reckon will be mild as well with that bloody high pressure returning, So no sign of anything for the best part of two weeks, time is running out this winter for snaw lovers.
  7. What melted has evaporated leaving a dry and very cold evening the temp has dropped like a stone from +2.5deg/C in the afternoon to -6.6deg/C now.
  8. Picture postcard stuff...lovely. We ended up with just a dusting with just a few flakes overnight to cover the tyre marks. By the looks of the forecast next week it wont be long till I need to take the lawnmower out the hut never mind the snaw shovel.
  9. Well shock horror...its actually snowing almost all white outside. It must be rogue cloud that gotten lost on its way to the south of England.
  10. Beautiful pictures of clear blue sky's on here the last couple of days. -7.4 deg/C in the car this morning. The snaw drought continues, the east coast is like a desert this makes it even worse - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47071846?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/c0j9l0kygy4t/uk-snow&link_location=live-reporting-story
  11. A wee bit of a dusting here this morning it was quite wet slippy snaw, even though it couldn't have been any deeper than 1/2" I saw some nugget who managed to loose control of their car in a straight line spin and hit the verge...incredible..!!! It seems its the US to blame for soaking up the cold -27deg/C in Chicago...that's chilly. The East Coast is not doing well this winter the wind keeps blowing from all the wrong directions for us to get proper snaw and the Beeb weather said is to get mild again for a bit...what's going on.
  12. I was just outside the ground temp is showing -2.2deg/C and the cars are all frosted over, its slightly overcast so pointing the thermometer at the clouds it read -19.9deg/C. So its cold enough...just need something to fall from the sky and it'll stick..!!!
  13. Just had a look at the snaw radar, hopefully some on here around the Stirling area will be watching the white stuff fall. Sadly the showers seem to be fizzling out before they reach over to Fife.
  14. Not seen a single flake...this is getting depressing, especially when Europe has had record snowfall and deep cold in the US with snowstorms a plenty. The UK must be the only place in the northern hemisphere that's not getting any proper winter weather, looks like the snaw shovel will be staying in the shed this year. I know what's causing the problem...its aw wind and pish from the SNP that's frightening the snaw away.
  15. Scroll down to The Daily Update - https://www.weatherbell.com/ - the cold is on its way for us according to Joe Bastardi. Canny wait tae see the white stuff.
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