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  1. Horrid day today...mild grey manky weather is the worst, the end of the week is looking brighter and more importantly...Colder.
  2. The thermometer inside the car was showing -4.7 this morning the coldest its been so far...its been nippy all day which I quite like.
  3. Fantastic pictures posted yesterday the cloud formations were incredible I've never seen the likes, sadly all the action was located about thirty miles away to the south, still we got to see a few flashes and heard lots of thunder...way better than the last few days.
  4. Lots of distant rumblings...and a few faint flashes nothing close though. Radar looks interesting around Edinburgh..!!!
  5. It looks like its going to be a quieter day today, tomorrow and Saturday though look like its going to be a repeat of Thursday with widespread thundery showers...fingers crossed for a good light show later in the day. Someone mentioned that they haven't seen so much thundery weather for a long time I totally agree we used to get the odd thunderstorm now and again but this past week or two has been very unusual its like its been every other day...I wonder how long it will last.
  6. We've had some stunning downpours this afternoon, the sky from the north west became black then it all started, some beautiful cloud formations as well. Looking at the radar the whole system is rotating off the east coast and dragging everything inland and down across the Forth Valley so we are all getting a pasting for a change. I can hear a few rumbles as I type this...excellent..!!! .
  7. Plenty of heavy rain around Knockhill and Steel End early this afternood...even the buses were splashing aboot in it. Temp was a cool 13deg/C on the cars display.
  8. There's a Met-Office yellow warning for thunderstorms today and tomorrow for Scotland so that's really pinning down who might catch one, covering all the bases again.
  9. Today...it felt quite warm and humid so had high hopes of some fireworks this afternoon, all we got were a few rumbles and a splash of rain again it all came to nothing, I had a look on the radar and there seemed to be plenty around just none arrived here.
  10. What a horrible sticky day...leaving work at 16:00 the cars temp readout was 30deg/C on the road between Dunfermline and Kingseat, seeing the forecast for rain / thunderstorms around 20:00 I was hoping for a good light show but all that happened was a bit of rumbling and a flash at around 20:30 and it lashed doon for a few minutes only. All very disappointing..!!! Just had look outside at 22:30 clear sky’s its all very still and 22deg/C.
  11. Interesting that the model thread is hinting at a possible cold start to April...I remember some years past the first race of the season at Knockhill was absolutely baltic and windy as hell, it was a combined car and bike meeting the Karts went out for a couple of warm-up laps they didn't even get the second lap in as an absolute white out appeared from the west...all races abandoned due to a snow covered track..!!!
  12. I was so happy to see snaw this morning I loved watching everything turning white. Hopefully others had a good snaw day too. A couple of snaps from the car...
  13. Just had a look on the models thread it looks like the dreaded high pressure winter killer is set to return after this windy spell blows itself out. Personally I want it to lash with rain from now to April and wash all the salt and muck off the roads...roll on the summer biking season..!!!
  14. Good to see some have gotten some snaw...just a wee dusting here first thing the rest of the day has been wet and cold. This cooler snap has come two months too late I still can't believe all the mild pish we've had since the turn of the year, one of the worst ever for snaw events.
  15. Nothing on the horizon regarding cold it would seem, they even got the mild forecast wrong saying it would be dry all week (Sunday forecast) its rained nearly every day. I'am thinking someone at the Met Office did a runner with the money for the Cray CX40 supercomputer and installed one of these instead to run the models..!!!
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