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  1. Okay, I don't know if this is some kind of record... but here in Grimsby... I have literally not even heard a single rumble of thunder this YEAR... not even joking! And I don't just mean the summer months like others are saying... I mean all year! It's actually quite incredible (especially for a place located in Lincolnshire which supposedly is the storm capital of the UK.... although all the storms tend to miss us anyway, they go on in the southern and Wolds parts of the county!) I often think it's something to do with our unusual position on the coast of the Humber Estuary. Although if this counts, I did randomly wake up one morning this year (I think it was possibly around mid-June), and there was heavy rain outside... so I decided to check on the radar and there had been a few strikes just off the Grimsby Docks (I don't know whether I subconsciously heard them and that's why I woke up). I asked other people if they'd heard anything and yes they said they'd heard two rumbles... however the people I asked live much closer to the Docks than I... I live in south-western Grimsby on the Nunsthorpe estate which is a lot more inland, so for all I know, the rumbles might have not even occurred here... which if so, would make this a completely thunder-less year so far. Really is unbelievable... never known a year like it.
  2. I'm part of the club here in Grimsby, we've literally not had as much of a rumble yet here this year And to think everybody goes on about Lincolnshire being the UK storm capital... mind you, being on the coast of the Humber estuary, we usually seem to miss out on all of the action... it all goes on in the south of the county and the Wolds but skims past us nearly every single time! Having not had any thundery activity before June is unusual even for us though, usually by April or May there's been something, but no, nothing at all here to report! :o
  3. http://www.abbeyroad.com/CrossingArchive Proof of the lightning strike over London at 3:41 am, on the Abbey Road webcam. Click on 'Archives' to the right and then click the 3-4 AM timeslot. Drag the scrollbar until you get to the right time, happens at 03:41:37 seconds.
  4. Guys, that wasn't a false positive. It's still there, and in fact, people on Twitter from London are saying they heard the thunder
  5. Bit off-topic, but... Something weird happened yesterday morning (Jan 19th) at around 7.30/8 am... here in Grimsby! I was in bed, and I swear I heard thunder twice outside... I immediately looked on the lightning detector but nothing! Asked other people if they heard it, no, not a thing. I don't know whether it was just a few isolated distant strikes that the detectors didn't pick up but it was really strange. There was first a distant rumble but definitely loud enough to catch my attention and think 'No way!' Then about 3 to 4 minutes after there a smaller rumble that I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been listening for it. But the second rumble convinced me that what I was hearing was thunder. Now I'm not sure what it was but it sure did sound like it, pretty strange to hear after the light snow we had last night (although it doesn't surprise me because we seem to get more and more thundery-type activity with snow these days in this country). Any other Grimbarians or people in Lincolnshire/East Yorkshire hear this at all?
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