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  1. The most impressive part of today is the Dew Point. currently at -6.2. It's now -3.2. One colleague on mine who live near Gateshead says his Dew Point was at -8 this morning
  2. Hi Steve. I have a Aercus instruments z758. Model ws2073. Can't fault it and it seems very accurate. Btw. Although I have been a member for years I've never posted in NW. Thank you for your posts in the model forum. I've learned quite a bit thanks to your post.
  3. Hello, and welcome to the Forum, though I note you joined in 2014. Working in a hotel I know what it is like with work commitments that can get in the way of pursuing one's favourite activities!

    I hope you are enjoying the warm weather at the minute. However, the forecast early September heatwave has yet to reach Cumbria, it would seem!


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