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  1. naaaw its stopped here Hope everyone gets lots more over next couple of days
  2. slowing down and brightening up here too, im more than happy with what we have....but dont want it to end please tell me there is more for barnsley haha
  3. currently snowing again here, not heavy as forecast but i dont care snow is snow
  4. ok so im going to have a unhappy daughter, my sons school is closed but hers is still opening! currently not snowing, but im happy now anyway, got a covering
  5. kids asleep, sat eating chineese food, snow laying outside and hopefully a snow day tomorrow....aaaah bliss
  6. omg i have a proper covering, just been playing out with the dog and the snow beard has upgraded
  7. thanks Will keep the faith haha, happy to see our slight covering isnt going anywhere and my car actually has icicles on it
  8. does south yorkshire currently have the snow shield at full power? or should i say barnsley snow shield
  9. i keep seeing this too for friday, some graphics have it piling straight through us
  10. not really a "beast" for most areas :(



      To right, overhyped cold spell ,yes its cold but certainly not historic and intense..:rofl:

    2. lassie23


      can sledge in a cm

    3. lassie23


      yes it's garbage for most anyweather

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  11. ...fingers crossed you get some this week aww thank you he is a little monkey at times but loves the snow as much as me haha
  12. quite heavy here actually, very surprised and happy now its at least covering haha
  13. if its same place they got barnsleys from last night, i wouldn't hold your breath
  14. im just going to move somewhere else And im cooking sausage surprise! Always a favourite with the kids haha
  15. sorry but had to share this with my fellow south yorkshirers (and anywhere else with next to nothing) got to laugh i suppose
  16. yeah he is having a bit of a go at me at min thats why i asked lol.
  17. who is it that runs the weather watch uk page on facebook? does anyone know?
  18. think i would rather have continuous snow or nothing, rather than these showers They come and look great then done in 5 mins and all melting away, its frustrating to say the least
  19. tonight and tomorrows forecast from met o for barnsley better not go the way of the sausage.... i have a dentist appointment in the morning that i would be happy to miss
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