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  1. im heeeeere....for crying out loud i cant keep away! i will go tomorrow
  2. apparantly the band is dying out rather than pushing further north? Think that may be it now for most in our region, think my winter weather watching has now come to an end. See you all again around november time!
  3. we will probz get battered then especially after they have removed the warnings would not surprise me haha
  4. i am now quite happy for the thaw to set in, Had my snow days with the kids, been sledging, thrown snowballs and enjoyed it, thats what my love of snow is all about. having said that though im ready for the kids to be back at school on monday and be able to go out in my car when i want to
  5. just asked chris fawkes on twitter about south yorkshires chances, his reply was that he doesn't think we will see much next couple of days
  6. for which areas please? or is that the million dollar question
  7. not sure if its snowing here or just blowing off everything
  8. well im more than happy! got lots of snow on the ground, kids had 2 snow days up to now and with the looks of it gaz gets the night off too looking at metO there isnt no more snow forecast here, lost all snow symbols, but im not really bothered. Enjoy the snow everyone!
  9. just heard from gaz (thank god) he is on the motorway home, he says it's madness out there and the motorway is covered Told him off for ringing me and that i was going so he could concentrate on getting home in one piece still coming down here moderately
  10. is here too at the moment, getting a bit concerned about the mr driving home
  11. yes certainly have mine crossed. Although if it don't happen, im already a very happy bunny with whats outside, so i wont be overly bothered, but would still think....what if Thanks for the reply
  12. still snowing here, very lightly though. Those amazing charts the HIRLAM is churning out, when are they for?
  13. starting to snow here again. All kids happy as all their schools are closed tomorrow! Absolutely bitter out there, never wanted the dog to pee as fast in my life and the mr is on his way home (slowly) from work as its too dangerous for him to keep going...apologies to anyone in here that has their milk delivered and dont get it tonight
  14. well sons school announced already that they are staying closed tomorrow too. Its deadly out there, i walked home an hour ish ago and its icy under the snow covering, nearly fell a few times
  15. does that include barnsley too? can i stop looking out of the window now like a mad women
  16. keep the updates coming please guys, the mr been sent to bradford on his round, hoping he going to be able to travel safely later
  17. wouldnt mind not getting anymore and somewhere that hasnt had much getting them instead just dont want our snow to start melting
  18. stopped in barnsley again. Whats it looking like for later?
  19. when is this possibly expected to hit, my partners boss are making them all go into work to deliver milk! he aint impressed just hoping he will be able to get home lol
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